Festool SYSROCK Bluetooth Radio

Festool SYSROCK Bluetooth Radio | City Floor Supply

This week, we’re highlighting the Festool SYSROCK Bluetooth Radio, which is on sale for $119 plus free shipping! Click here to save on the SYSROCK from 8/28/17 through 9/3/17.

You’ll be impressed with the big sound that comes from this compact Bluetooth radio, which weighs less than two pounds!

In addition to its Bluetooth streaming capability, the Festool SYSROCK allows for wireless calling––its built-in microphone allows you to take calls hands-free, making this perfect companion for fielding calls while on the job. 

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The SYSROCK’s dynamic sound processor (DSP) automatically adjusts the sound at all volume levels to produce a full, natural sound without distortion. This means that you can crank up the volume all the way without the bass being too overpowering.

If you’d rather not use the Bluetooth capability to hook it up to your phone, you’ll find that the speaker does a great job of connecting to local stations with its FM capability. The SYSROCK allows for corded or cordless listening.

The 1/4″- 20 internal mount is compatible with Festool Magnetic SysLite adapter so you can attach the SYSROCK nearly anywhere or mount it to a commonly available camera tripod. A hanging hook is supplied as well.

Interested in using this powerful speaker on the job? Click here to take advantage of the sale from 8/28/17 through 9/3/17.

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