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Here’s a story from a recent Find a Contractor project that we helped fulfill using Mark Shrewsbury, AKA Mr. Sandman, who is local to this particular customer.

Find a Contractor connects homeowners with top-of-the-line contractors in their local area.

Our referrals are just as good as referrals from a happy customer. We know the contractors that we work with. We know which contractors stand behind their work and which ones frequently run into problems with their projects.

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We do not accept any form of payment from contractors to recommend them to you. We simply comb our network of contractors to find the best fit for your project based on the details you provide us.

Check this recent success story that a homeowner experienced from using our Find a Contractor service.

Getting the job done

This particular client was located in Camden, Delaware. She had recently moved to the area and had no contacts there to recommend a contractor (word-of-mouth/referrals are so important in this industry and customers know it), so she turned to our Find a Contractor service to help her out.

Our rep Ed Sullivan received the request. He reached out to Mark Shrewsbury, who is excellent at what he does. From there, Mark got in touch with the client and arranged a time to meet with her.Preventing subfloor moisture problems in hardwood floors

Mark met the customer and talked to her about what she was looking for. She was set on using a reclaimed product for eco-friendly reasons.

However, the floor was going to be installed over a crawlspace, which could potentially open it up to moisture problems due to the lack of ventilation. So Mark opted for a reclaimed engineered product.

Mark obtained reclaimed engineered hardwood floor samples from City Floor Supply. The customer ended up choosing beautiful 4” engineered reclaimed red and white oak floors––excellent choice!

From there, the installation process was fairly straightforward.

Mark was able to complete the project ahead of schedule. He glued and nailed the wood to the subfloor. He then finished it off with PolyWhey sealer and PolyWhey Satin for the top coat.

The results

Check out some pictures from the project.

Find a Contractor Project | City Floor Supply

Needless to say, the customer was very happy with her new floors!

Why homeowners should utilize our Find a Contractor service

This service is reliable because our reps have a direct connection with the contractors they service, and they have a good feel for those who would be the best at certain jobs. We only refer contractors who do quality work.

This particular customer was moving from a different area and didn’t have any connections who could recommend contractors in the area. This service is excellent for other homeowners in the same boat.

This service is also a perk for contractors doing business with City Floor Supply––do good work, and we’ll be more than happy to send business your way!

If you’re a homeowner looking for a contractor to work with, simply fill out details about your project, and we’ll put you in touch with a few local contractors who are known to do good work.

Click here to learn more about our Find a Contractor service.

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