How to Install and Finish Beautiful Gym Floors

What do you need to achieve a beautiful, well-finished sport floor? You need great technique, the right team, and the right products to succeed. Sports floor contractors face a lot of pressure. While we can’t help you put together a team of able contractors, we can help you secure the right tools and learn the right procedures so you do well and produce results that are sure to impress your clients. 

To help you get started on the right path, we have a few products and tips to recommend.

We highly recommend painting court lines with the game line taping machine. This machine helps you get crisp, accurate lines with ease. 

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Check out our video about painting accurate gym floor lines using the game line tape machine with Chris and Joe.

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Another key to success to installing a beautiful sports gym floor is in making sure that your measurements are accurate. Sports floor lines and their distance from each other as well as the basketball hoop, etc. must be precise and in line with the appropriate guidelines for the setting in which you’re working. Click here to access the MFMA Game Marking Manual.

We recommend Bona SuperSport paint for painting court lines because it is fast-drying (with 3-4 hour recoat of finish) amount of time to dry) and because it is specifically formulated for painting court lines, lettering, and logos. It is VOC compliant, has a low odor, and no abrasion is needed for finish adhesion with this product. Pair the game line taping machine with Bona SuperSport Paint and the right technique, and you’re well on your way to achieving great results and impressing your clients.

With these guidelines and products in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a beautiful sport floor!

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