How To Register for A Philadelphia Floor Store Web Account

If you’re a regular Philly Floor Store customer, then you know we have great prices and great deals all the time. What you might not know is that we also have web-only exclusives for customers who are registered for a Philly Floor online account.

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Here are just a few reasons to become a web-registered Philly Floor Store customer.

You’ll have access to our web-only Deals of the Week. These are specials that run from Sunday morning to the following Saturday. Each Deal of the Week offers an unbeatable price for one of our products. Some past examples of our Deals of the Week include: the Proteam MegaVac for $400.00, 10% off all Zar UGL finish, and 1 gal/5 gal pails of Zinsser Seal Coat for just $32.00/$165.00, respectively. Only web-registered customers are eligible to take advantage of these special offers!

Similar to the Deal of the Week is the Monthly Featured Product. This special also features unbelievable price cuts on fantastic products. Some past examples are: $3.99/SF forTaylor Lumber Solid Rift & Quartered White Oak Select and the chance to earn double Philly Floor Rewards points (more on rewards to follow) for purchasing Vermont Natural Coatings finish or sealer.

Often times we will collaborate with vendors on product promotions. These deals are web-only as well. When a vendor teams up with the Philly Floor Store for a sale, it’s always a great deal for customers.

Another benefit to registering online is the ability to participate in our Philly Floor Rewards Program (link). This program is a way for you to earn products and prizes just for purchasing from us. For every dollar you spend, you get one Reward Point. You also receive bonus points when you reach certain sales levels.  These reward points never expire! You can save up on points and redeem them for fabulous prizes like gourmet coffee makers, Blu Ray players, camcorders, grills, and even cruises and tropical vacations!

There are other benefits to registering on the web as well. You can monitor your order’s status and review your order history. You will be informed about new products that are available for purchase (like the Deal of the Week) and you will also be eligible for express ordering.

Now that you know the benefits to registering online, it’s time to create an account! It’s an incredibly easy process.

When you go to you’ll see a button that says “Register” in the upper right hand part of the screen.


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After you click that you’ll be taken to a screen to fill out all your information to become an online registered user. Then you can experience all the benefits online users have.


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BUT WAIT! You might already have an in-store account with the Philly Floor Store. If you do, you can click the link that says “Click Here for a much smaller registration form.” On that page you’ll just have to fill out your existing account information to become an online registered user.


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If you have an in-store account and need to know your account number, it is printed on all order forms/invoices.


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It’s a pretty simple process to get registered on our website! Of course, if you ever have trouble registering you can review our Registration Video or call us at 800-737-1786 and we can help you out.

There are many benefits to becoming a web-registered customer at the Philly Floor Store. Click here to register to start enjoying them today!

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