Primatech G100 Glue Gun Applicator

Let’s say you’re tasked with replacing damaged floor boards or loose parquet pickets. After you do your due diligence and check to make sure there isn’t a subfloor issue — say, the concrete is creating the issue — you want to get to work and fix the problem.

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Now, instead of using the traditional hardwood floor glues like moisture cure urethane adhesives, how about turning to a hot melt glue gun for the job? (A great example is the Primatech G100 Glue Gun Applicator.)

The beauty of using hot melt over the other types of glue is the ease of use and quick tack and cure time.

Instead of wasting urethane adhesive, with hot melt you only use the exact amount of glue you need. There’s no foul odor to worry about on a small repair. The hot melt glue is not a hassle to clean up either. No more need for solvent cleaners.

So you’ve identified the issue with the parquet flooring. You pop out the problematic piece and thoroughly clean the subfloor and the repair piece. Since the glue gun has been plugged in from the start you only have to wait a few minutes for it to heat up. Just apply a few beads of glue and replace the original piece. Press or hold the piece for a few seconds and you’re done. Depending on which type of hot glue is used, the floor can be ready for use in only a few minutes.

Or let’s say you’re replacing a gouged prefinished strip or plank of hardwood floor. There’s not much difference in the process (you probably can’t keep the original plank). After thoroughly cleaning the subfloor and making sure the new board is cut to fit, it’s smooth sailing. Just use the industrial glue gun to squeeze hot glue onto the subfloor and the replacement piece. Then drop the new plank in. It’s that easy.

We’ve all used urethane adhesives. They’re messy, wasteful, and take longer to dry. With a heavy duty glue gun, there’s no mess, no fuss. A hot melt glue can dry in as quickly as one minute and cure in five. It will not harden or become brittle. When you glue down hardwood flooring with hot melt glue, it will allow the floor to expand and contract while still promoting adhesion.

A glue gun is the perfect tool to use when tasked with repairing hardwood floors. With less time to finish the job, that’s more time for you.

5 thoughts on “Primatech G100 Glue Gun Applicator

  1. Curtis

    Primstick hot melt adhesive is not your standard EVA hot melt glue found in box stores. Those hot melts become brittle and break over time which is not suitable for hardwood floors. Primstick is formulated to not crystallize and will not break or shear when natural movement of flooring occurs.
    Also, the G100 applicator features an adjustment screw for the stroke of the trigger, thus allowing just the right amount of glue to be dispensed.

    Congratulations for your initiative. The trade will surely benefit of this informative web site.

  2. Mike Strasser

    This gun looks awesome! Will it only except primatech’s glue? Where I live there is not a lot of different options for tool stores. If I got this gun would it work with glue sticks from a big box store or is there a chemical difference in your glues versus theirs? The gun would save so much time and money but the ordering and cost of shipping for glue would get very costly I believe.

    1. Caran Baxter

      Hi Mike, You may be able to find something that fits in terms of diameter, but we could not speak to the melting points or set times. We could work up a quote for you if you like.

  3. Mike strasser

    That would be great if you could work up a quote for the primatech g100 glue gun and a few months supply of glue sticks that you would recommend for hardwood flooring.


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