2017 Bona Craftsman Training Recap

2017 Bona Craftsman Training Recap

On November 1st and 2nd, 2017, we held a Bona Craftsman Training at our headquarters in King of Prussia, PA.

This event was for experienced hardwood floor contractors looking to up their game, connect with other contractors, and learn more about how to apply Bona finishes, which are in high demand from homeowners.

This was an intermediate-level class. In order to participate, hardwood floor contractors who attended were required to be in business a minimum of 5 years and have a minimum of 3 years sand and finish experience.

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During this two-day training, we covered the following topics and more:

Bona sanding equipment and techniques

Students were given hands-on training with the opportunity to test out the Bona HD Belt Sander and Flexisand Buffer, a multi-disc attachment, and Bona B2 edgers. 

The herringbone floor was finished using the Bona HD Belt Sander and the students finished it off with the Bona Powerdrive buffer to smooth it out.

They were also taught to sand herringbone and tested out on different Bona sanding equipment on a variety of different floors.

The Bona Craft Oil 2K Advantage

One of the most in-demand sessions during this training was the Bona Craft Oil 2K application. We have demoed this new product a lot recently, but it gave the students a chance to apply it and try it out on their own because it exemplifies the European craft oil look that is so in demand amongst homeowners right now.

One of the major differences between Craft Oil 2K and other natural oil finish products is that you can apply a surface finish over a floor coated with Craft Oil. So if a homeowner wants a matte look rather than a urethane look, you can achieve exactly that with Craft Oil.  

Check out our YouTube live stream of the students rolling Bona Traffic Naturale over a floor coated with Bona Craft Oil 2K.

We coated the Craft Oil with Bona Traffic Naturale finish to give it a matte, European craft oil look.

European craft oil concept is new to the market. It’s popular amongst homeowners.

As one student in the program put it, the floor looks like “you’re watching TV in HD.” This technique helps you achieve a deep, rich color and really brings out the best qualities of the wood. Browse our selection of European oil finishes

However, a natural oil product like this requires a different kind of maintenance compared to traditional urethane oil products, and homeowners who want this kind of finish should be educated accordingly.

This is a great product to use if you would like to achieve the in-demand European craft oil look.

No water spotting when you spill on Bona Craft Oil, even if it dries, as long as the floor has been properly maintained.

Matte look is very popular right now amongst homeowners, especially those in luxury markets.

Our dedication to your education

We periodically host educational events for wood floor contractors here at our headquarters in King of Prussia, PA, in order to help them learn all about the latest hardwood floor installation techniques, products, and equipment to maintain their competitive edge in the market.

Educating yourself is a vital part of staying ahead. Networking with others is also an important part of building up your contracting business.

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