2023 NWFA Advanced Installation Course Recap

2023 NWFA Advanced Installation Course recap

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a four-day NWFA Advanced Installation Course, where an exceptional group of dedicated hardwood floor contractors came together to hone their skills and create a wood panel featuring multiple artfully constructed patterns. Under the instruction of NWFA Regional Instructor Steve Seabaugh, attendees were able to showcase their determination, expertise, and craftsmanship.

On the first day of the course, attendees were treated to demos from SawStop and ShaperTools. SawStop left the audience in awe with a remarkable display of the saw’s stopping capabilities, using a slice of ham to demonstrate its impressive safety features. Meanwhile, ShaperTools showcased their innovative digital tool, highlighting its ability to effortlessly carve out precise shapes.

2023 NWFA Advanced Course RecapThe panel, a visual delight, features a harmonious blend of materials such as walnut, live-sawn WO fish scale corners, and an intricate shadow box parquetry made from walnut, maple, and Brazilian cherry. Not to mention the craftfully bent American walnut pieces that separate the panel from ray continuation patterns in each corner. At the heart of the panel lies a mesmerizing medallion, fashioned from Brazilian cherry, walnut, live-sawn WO, and encircled by 1st grade northern hard maple. Crafting this panel demanded a ton of repetitive cutting and the application of advanced techniques. The attendees worked tirelessly to put this panel together perfectly, staying late on day 3 and showing up early on day 4 to ensure that it got done!

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Special thanks to Steve Seabaugh of the NWFA for his exceptional instruction throughout the course, and to the Loba Rep James Toal for attending, as well as SawStop and ShaperTools for their informative demonstrations.

Congratulations to all the attendees for coming together and crafting such a phenomenal panel! Your dedication, hard work, and exceptional skills truly shine through in the final product.

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