3M Regalite and Resinite Rolls; Belt Sanders vs. Drum Sanders

3M Resinite and Regalite Belts

3M Floor Sanding Rolls offer great productivity and value on bare wood or nongummy finishes.

3M Regalite Features:

Regalite rolls cut faster, run cooler and last longer than conventional rolls. The rolls feature the familiar purple Regalite mineral and tough paper backing.

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3M Resinite Features:

Resinite rolls consist of durable mineral on paper or combination backing to provide fast cuts, better finish, longer life, and time savings.

  • Durable mineral on paper or combination backing
  • Fast cuts
  • Better finish
  • Longer life
  • Time savings

What’s the difference between a belt sander and a drum sander?¬†

American Sanders 8″ Drum Sander

These rolls are intended for use with drum sanders. But what’s the difference between a drum sander and a belt sander?

A drum sander is very heavy and great at getting out major imperfections/ and flattening a floor with chatter or other major imperfections. Because of its sheer power, a drum floor sander can also be used to remove deep scratches. Rolls are also less expensive than belts. These sanders are especially helpful for refinishing old and distressed flooring, as they help to remove stains and give an aging surface a new finish.

Lagler Hummel 8″ Belt Sander

A belt sander, on the other hand, is less heavy but it is versatile and can still get the job done. As the name suggests, belt sanders use belts instead of rolls. Refinishing a floor using a belt floor sander is one of the easiest ways to do it, as the belt allows for continuous and efficient sanding.

Neither is inherently better than the other, it just depends on what your jobs typically call for. There are also belt-drum combination sanders available, such as the Galaxy 2000.

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