3M Regalite Sanding Belts: Durable and Effective

3m Regalite sanding belt

When you use 3M Regalite sanding belts for your hardwood floor installation project, you’re able to smooth the floor down to a completely uniform surface to get the hardwood floor finishing process off to the right start.

These belts provide an aggressive yet smooth cut that reduces chatter in hardwood floors.

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Besides their effectiveness in sanding floors, Regalite belts are also known for their outstanding durability.

3M Regalite purple sanding belts are made from a ceramic aluminum oxide blend, which makes these belts incredibly durable and huge money-savers in the long run.

These belts are backed with heat-resistant cloth, which keeps the belt strong and running cool to preserve its longevity.

As abrasives age, they usually round out and dull, but rather than going through this process, a 3M Regalite belt will fracture to produce a new, sharp edge to keep the belt working well past the point where most other sanding belts would have to be replaced.

An important feature behind this belt’s incredible durability is its seam. Upper grits (60-120) in the Regalite series feature a sine wave-style butt splice, rather than a straight-cut weave butt splice that sanding belts typically have. The sine wave-style weave on the tape’s seam prevents the sander from making chatter marks in your hardwood floor.

Rather than going through several different sanding belts in a short period of time, investing in a durable 3M Regalite sanding belt will save you money from project to project while getting floors down to the smooth, uniform surface that forms the ideal foundation for the finishing process.

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3M Regalite Sanding Belts

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