The Advantages of the SawStop for Hardwood Floor Contractors

The SawStop line is now available for sale at City Floor Supply! We saw a demonstration of this machine at a recent NWFA Advanced class and were impressed. Watch the unboxing video above, and read on to learn more about this impressive machine.

Too many accidents happen on job sites—every year about 50,000 hand and finger injuries occur from table and bench saws. SawStop is the best way to minimize the severity of these accidents.

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The SawStop monitors electrical signals (which are conducted through the human body much more easily than through wood) to detect when a finger or hand is about to be cut. When the sensor is triggered, the saw stops cutting and the blade retracts within just 5 milliseconds, turning a potential amputation into a minor injury. Watch the video above to see it in action!

For hardwood floor contractors, the SawStop is an invaluable tool. The loss of a finger or hand can be truly devastating, hindering their ability your work effectively, and impacting your life and livelihood significantly. The upfront expense of a SawStop saw is effectively counterbalanced by potential savings on medical expenses and loss of income that might result from a serious accident.

The cartridge is easy and affordable to replace once it’s activated—it’s good practice to keep one or two on hand just in case.

In addition to safety, SawStop also offers a number of other benefits for hardwood floor contractors. These benefits include:

  • Accuracy: SawStop saws are very accurate, which can help you to cut wood pieces precisely.
  • Durability: SawStop saws are very durable, which means that they will last for many years.

Overall, the SawStop is a great investment for hardwood floor contractors. It is a safe, accurate, durable, and a truly priceless machine that can help you to protect yourself and your business.

There are two different SawStop saw models available:

SawStop Compact Table Saw

SawStop Table Saw

The SawStop compact table saw represents the tiniest and most easily transported saw in the SawStop collection, offering sustained durability, superior precision, and considerable power that’s effortlessly movable to any worksite. In addition to its safety features, it helps you cut accurately. Here are some of the features:

10-inch blade: Enhances the overall cutting capacity of the saw.

Rack & pinion fence: This easy-to-adjust and consistently accurate fence has an integrated high and low face, facilitating a wide range of cuts.

Quick-tilt bevel with micro adjustments: With just a single hand, you can swiftly tilt the blade to your preferred angle. The micro-adjust feature allows for the setting of an exact cutting angle.

SawStop’s unique safety system: This proprietary system instantaneously stops a spinning blade when it comes into contact with skin. The blade stops in under 5 milliseconds and retracts below the table surface, changing what could be a severe injury into a minor scratch.

Integrated storage compartment: Store tools and accessories in one location for easy reach and quick retrieval.

The Compact Table Saw comes with Miter Gauge, Brake Cartridge (installed), 4 mm Hex Key, Blade Wrenches (2), Riving Knife (installed), Blade Guard with Spreader and Anti-Kickback Pawls, 24-Tooth Ripping Blade (installed), Push Stick, and Standard Lockdown Insert (installed).

SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro with Mobile Cart

SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro with Mobile Cart

The SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro is designed for durability, innovation, and precision, making it perfectly suited for the rigors of a worksite environment. The SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro presents the following features along with its patented safety system:

Leading-Edge Characteristics: A table depth of 24 5/8″ provides a more extensive surface for safe and precise cutting. It includes an Active Dust Collection Guard for top-tier dust control. A single-turn elevation permits the user to adjust the blade height in just one turn, while the Quick-Tilt adjustment offers easy and rapid blade angling in 1-degree increments.

Upgraded High-Low T-Style Fence with ErgoLock: This updated T-Style Fence for the Jobsite Saw slides smoothly and locks securely with a single touch. Expand the On-Demand shelf for additional support, and employ the low fence face for safer cutting of thin workpieces.

Simple Mobility: A straightforward, user-friendly foot pedal unfolds the mobile cart for use and collapses it for easy transportation.

Built-In Storage: Maintain a neat workspace by storing accessories in the integrated storage drawer. Easy access to the Active Dust Collection Guard, riving knife, miter gauge, and more ensures they are always ready for immediate use.

Reliability: The Control Box, housing the on-off switch, power paddle, and onboard computer, continuously monitors all systems to ensure your safety reliably.

The Advantages of the SawStop for Hardwood Floor Contractors

SawStop is a great investment for hardwood floor contractors. It is a safe, accurate, durable, and well-warranted saw that can help you to protect your customers and your business.

If you are a hardwood floor contractor, we highly recommend considering SawStop for your next saw purchase. It is a safe, reliable, and affordable saw that can help you to protect yourself and your business.

If you’re interested in the SawStop, click here to learn more or call us at (800) 737-1786.

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