All About Basic Coatings GymShoe Finish

Basic Coatings GymShoe Finish

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GymShoe is formulated to help floors look better longer. It’s exceptionally durable, making it perfect for finishing or recoating gym floors as well as floors in general sports complexes, schools, retail and commercial spaces, or any other high-traffic facilities.

It’s clear and non-yellowing with great shine that is resistant to heel marks. GymShoe is a water-based urethane based finish. It contains less than 275 VOC and is LEED compliant.

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This finish has a 24-hour pot life once catalyzed, and can be re-catalyzed if needed.

Basic Coatings GymShoe dries quickly––usually within 2-3 hours––giving you less downtime during the finishing process. It also cures within 7 days so your clients can put the floors back to use as quickly as possible, which they will be sure to appreciate along with the superior results you’re sure to deliver with this finish.

GymnShoe is a MFMA Compliant. This is a two-component finish available in gloss only. The XL Catalyst is included along with the finish.

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