All About the Galaxy RS-100 Edger

galaxy rs-100 radiator edger

The Galaxy RS-100 radiator edger makes it easy to sand toekicks and other tough spots when installing a hardwood floor. Click here to purchase the Galaxy RS-100 online.

The RS-100’s extremely low profile is perfect for getting into toekicks and other difficult-to-reach spots like the strip of flooring underneath a radiator. This helps you create a smooth transition between these tough spots and the rest of the floor.

Another benefit of this edger is that it uses standard 7” edger paper, meaning that you can use the regular edger paper you already use. This means that there’s no need to cut your paper or get specially sized paper to use the RS-100.

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Its large back wheels ensure smooth movements so you can glide along the floor with ease.

Check out our video below to see just how easy the RS-100 makes it to blend toekicks and other tough spots with other areas of the floor.

Click here to learn more about the Galaxy RS-100 radiator edger and purchase it online.

Call us at (800) 737-1786 or email for more information on this deal.

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