American Sanders Floorcrafter and AVAC-26 DCS Combination

American Sanders FloorCrafter and AVAC 26 Combination

The American Sanders FloorCrafter and AVAC-26 DCS combination is one of our holiday deals for December 2018. This is a great combination for removing a ton of stock while containing the seemingly endless amount of dust this can produce. This combination is on sale for $8,220 through December 31, 2018––click here to take advantage of this deal before time runs out and enjoy free shipping, too!

This combination is great for “dustless”/low-dust sanding jobs in situations which call for more dust control. Dustless sanding is increasingly in-demand as eco-friendliness and air quality become more of a concern for homeowners, so it’s important to be able to offer this service.

The American Sanders FloorCrafter

The American Sanders FloorCrafter belt sander upholds a long tradition of providing precision instruments to a craftsman’s trade. The FloorCrafter, engineered to be the most aggressive belt machine in the industry, was also designed to provide reduced vibration. Its cutting ability allows the hardwood sanding professional the ability to increase production while achieving imperfection-free results. With the patented Dolly Transport system, the FloorCrafter is truly a unique and innovative approach to hardwood floor sanding.

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Check out the features of the FloorCrafter:

  • Precision balanced drum with machined spiral cooling slots
  • Patented one-tool leveling adjustment
  • Very aggressive cut for excellent stock removal as well as finish sanding
  • Flat drum for a clean, flat cut
  • Recessed drum door provides better air seal and eases abrasive installation and adjustments
  • Patented Dolly Transport System eases transport to and from job sites
  • Exclusive “feathering” drum lowering handle eases operation
  • Comes with a travel base which you can bolt into your vehicle so it doesn’t move around during transport. Low profile enhances its transportability
  • Exclusive split rear caster for smooth forward/reverse transitions
  • Very low cost of maintenance; one of the lowest costs of repair on the market in terms of sanders

American Sanders AVAC-26 DCS

Designed specifically for professional wood floor sanding contractors, the AVAC 26 dust containment system is the perfect mix of power and performance. Its compact design makes it highly portable, and yet it still boasts a large 26 gallon capacity tank with superior filtration capabilities. Its high suction, high filtration, and ease of transport make it the vacuum of choice in the wood floor sanding market.

Check out the features of the AVAC-26:

  • Dual 2″ vacuum ports collect dust from multiple sanding machines.
  • Clear polycarbonate lid makes it easy to monitor the tank capacity.
  • 50 foot detachable power cord.
  • Secondary air filter which is easy to change
  • 26 gallon canister.
  • Convenient handle for lifting.
  • Non-marking, heavy duty casters.
  • Three 800 watt, dual stage motors which run independently of each other.
  • Uses reusable and disposable filters to capture sanding dust.
  • High performance filtration. (H.E.P.A. filter is also available as an option)

You can run two machines on this vacuum at the same time, such as an edger and a big machine or two edgers. It can handle it due to its power. You can easily empty it out without releasing all of the dust is easy due to the smart of the bag.

Why this combination works

Together these are great machines to help you maintain indoor air quality, and enables you to offer “dustless” or low-dust sanding services to your clients which is so in demand these days.

The FloorCrafter has excellent stock removal which the AVAC 26 is able to handle with ease, making this a great combination to have at your disposal.

Take advantage of the special pricing on this combination now before the year ends, and lock down some Section 179 tax savings at the same time for your business. Click here to buy this combination now for only $8,220 before the end of the year!

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