An Overview of 3M Abrasives

An overview of 3M abrasives

We love 3M abrasives. Whatever kind of job you’re looking at, you can be almost 100% certain that 3M has an abrasive that will help you get it done right. They offer a variety of options for a variety of situations.

3M Regalite sanding belts and discs–– These sanding belts are great at what they do, and they’re durable. They’re made from a ceramic aluminum oxide blend, which makes them more durable than most alternatives. The ceramic material fractures. This fracturing process creates a new, sharp edge so you can keep going long past the point where other sanding belts become too dull to continue. 3M Regalite edger discs are made of the same material and offer the same benefits as the belts.

Silicon carbide sanding screens ––  These screens are made of strong fibers that provide a consistent cut from start to finish. They’re great for jobs that call for an aggressive cut. 3M’s silicone carbide screens are available in a range of grades.

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3M Resinite Edger discs –– These surfacing discs are precut and very easy to use. They are made from a fast-cutting synthetic material that’s tough enough to get the job done right. The paper is flexible enough for combination backing. Resinite discs provide a great value, great finish, and longer life. These discs are available in a variety of sizes to fit different machines, including buffers and edgers.

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3M abrasives, including Regalite belt, maroon surface prep pad, and easy change sanding paperMaroon surface prep pads –– Need an easy, safe way to remove a stubborn finish? All you need is one of these 3M maroon surface prep pads and some water or neutral cleaner to scrub the floor and strip most finishes. With this method, you don’t have to worry about using chemical-laden stripping products.  

White bolt-on edger/buffer pads –– You can use these pads as a backup pad on a buffer when driving a sanding screen or 3M Floor Surfacing Discs. They are made of a non-abrasive, synthetic fiber that improves transfer force for a fast, more even cut and less slippage. These pads also help you maintain maximum efficiency with dustless vacuum systems.

Easy change floor surfacing discs and sanding paper –– 3M Easy Change Floor Surfacing Discs feature a Hook-It II backing for easy changes and better grip on the buffer pad. This paper is is sharp, fast cutting, tough and offers a flexible backing while providing a better value, better finish, and a longer life. Available in sanding paper and discs.

Gold hook and loop discs –– Made of premium aluminum oxide, these durable discs that cuts fast. Its strong, C-weight paper backing provides added durability compared to lighter paper backings. The hook-and-loop attachment mechanism guarantees reliability. The hook-and-loop mechanism also makes it easier to change and reuse the discs.  

No matter what type of job you’re looking at, you can be sure that 3M has an abrasive that can help you achieve stellar results. Click here to view our selection of 3M abrasives.

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