Basic Coatings Emulsion PRO

Basic Coatings Emulsion Pro

The unique advantage of this finish is that it gives you the amber color of a traditional oil based finish. So if your clients want the traditional look of an oil based finish while enjoying the advantages of a water-based hardwood floor finish, this can help you deliver it to them.

Basic Coatings Emulsion Pro is a finish and self-sealer. It dries faster than oil-based poly finishes. Emulsion PRO is VOC compliant and has an oxidative cross-linked urethane system that produces better wear properties than traditional oil finishes.

Recommended systems include 3 – 4 Coats Emulsion PRO, 2 coats Emulsion PRO and 2 coats Basic Coatings Waterbased Wood Floor Finish, screen and recoat; or 1 thin coat Basic Coatings TyKote and 1 coat Emulsion PRO. 

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Emulsion PRO is ideal for enhancing the beauty of exotic wood species and/or providing the clients that traditional amber color that you get with polyurethane. 

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