Basic Coatings Meet & Greet

Basic Coatings Meet and Greet

This Thursday, May 24, from 9 AM – 3 PM, we will be holding a Basic Coatings Meet and Greet at City Floor Supply! This is your chance to see valuable in-person demos of products you may have been wanting to try. That’s not all––Joe’s smoked specialties will be on offer as well!

We’ll have a Dirt Dragon demo all day. The Dirt Dragon is a powerful autoscrubber which can serve as a floor prep and floor cleaning machine. Designed for use with the Basic Coatings Tykote system, which will also be demoed on Thursday, the Dirt Dragon helps you clean and dry any type of wood floor quickly and easily, without damaging the finish.

Then, we’ll hold a Basic Coatings Easy Street rolling demo at 11 AM. Easy Street is a waterbased finish which provides exceptional durability and chemical resistance.

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Next up, at 1 PM we will have a Tykote demo. Basic Coatings Tykote is an intensive cleaning and recoating system which consists of three steps: prep and cleaning, bonding, and finishing. This system provides a durable and protective coating, and makes use of both the Dirt Dragon as well as any water-based Basic Coatings finish, such as Easy Street.

Email or call (800) 737-1786 to RSVP! Here are the details:
Basic Coatings Meet & Greet
City Floor Supply
555 East Church Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
9 AM – 3 PM

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