Product Spotlight: Bona R851 Wood Floor Adhesive

Bona R851 wood floor adhesive offers several advantages that make it an excellent product to use in a variety of situations. Click here to buy Bona R851!

This product is silane-based. It is water- and solvent-free with no VOCs, making it an eco-friendly alternative to urethane adhesives.

Bona R851 Wood Floor AdhesiveBona R851 is easy to apply and clean up and will not harm the finish on prefinished floor. In addition to being VOC-free, it is GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. The product offers all of this while also providing excellent green grab. This makes sure the floor stays in place while offering it the flexibility to absorb and release moisture without splitting out.

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This is a great adhesive to use when you need to use the floors again very quickly. Flooring glued down with this adhesive will usually be ready for foot traffic and furniture in one day.

Bona R851 is also great to use in a below-grade environment because it offers supreme moisture protection––up to 12 pounds or 85% relative humidity. Considering the extreme effects that excessive moisture can have on a wood floor, it is important to use an adhesive like this one to help prevent those problems.

When you need to ensure that the floors stay in place, this product will keep them where they should be while still allowing them the flexibility they need to respond to fluctuations in humidity.

Click here to purchase Bona R851 wood floor adhesive.

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