Bona SuperSport Floor Paint: Say Goodbye to Excessive Dry Times

Bona Supersport water-based floor paint

The newest product from Bona is SuperSport Paint, a quick-drying, water-based floor paint that serves as the solution to one of a sports floor contractor’s biggest problems: long dry times. But its quick drying time doesn’t compromise its color quality.

This product can really help your bottom line. And its flexibility means that you can easily work SuperSport into your current gym floor finishing system.

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SuperSport = Less dry time

Dry times are a real pain for sports floor contractors because they impact your productivity, and there’s usually nothing you can do about it. When using a solvent-based paint, you put down the lines, logo, and lettering … and then you wait. For a whole day.

But SuperSport is designed to give you an edge over the solvent-based floor paints that you’re used to. You only need to leave about 30 to 90 minutes between the first and second coat of paint. And whereas traditional floor paints usually require 24 hours to dry, SuperSport’s water-based composition means that this product only requires four to six hours of dry time before you can coat it with finish.

Plus, there’s no need to abrade the paint to ensure adhesion to the finish unless you let the paint dry for more than 24 hours. SuperSport has excellent adhesion qualities.

Switching to SuperSport will significantly decrease your downtime on the job. It can help you finish your floors quicker, move on faster, and ultimately make more money. Not bad for a can of paint.

SuperSport is durable and compatible with your current system.

You might worry about its durability, especially considering its quick dry time and water-based makeup. But SuperSport is just as durable as solvent-based floor paints.

There’s no need to worry when it comes to working SuperSport into your current system. This paint is compatible with both water-based and oil-modified sport floor sealers and finishes, giving you the flexibility you need to continue working with your preferred system.

Plus, it’s just easy to work with, with excellent leveling, flow, and adhesion qualities.

Tons of color options.

Take a look at the SuperSport paint color chart:

Bona SuperSport floor paint color chart

That’s anything but limiting. Bona SuperSport is available in 17 colors for virtually unlimited customization possibilities.

With SuperSport, you blend the colors to create your desired color system.

Blending instead of tinting leads to brighter, eye-popping colors––giving you exactly the kind of results your client wants to see in their new gym floors. This can lead to better recommendations for your business.

Paired with a gym line tape machine, SuperSport paint will give you an edge over traditional, solvent-based floor paints and help improve your bottom line.

Stock up on this quick-drying product before the busy season hits! Buy it online 24/7 here or call us at (610) 940-5757.

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