Bona Traffic HD Raw: A Premium, Ultra-Matte Hardwood Floor Finish

Bona Traffic HD RawIntroducing Bona Traffic HD Raw – a new product in the Bona Traffic lineup. If you want a finish that offers protection without sacrificing the natural beauty of the wood, your best choice is something with the ultra-matte look that continues to gain popularity year after year. Enter Bona Traffic HD Raw, the latest in the Bona Traffic HD product line.

Bona Traffic HD Raw is a premium finish that provides high durability and protection for hardwood floors, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. It has a unique formula that allows it to penetrate deep into the wood fibers, creating a strong bond that ensures maximum protection against scratches, dings, and general wear and tear.

Maintaining the natural look and feel of the wood with Bona Traffic HD Raw

What sets Bona Traffic HD Raw apart is its ability to maintain the natural look and feel of untreated wood. Unlike traditional varnishes or urethanes, this product doesn’t leave a thick, plastic-like coating on the surface of the wood. Instead, it enhances the natural grain and texture of the wood, creating a beautiful, seamless finish that looks and feels like real, untreated wood. This makes it the perfect choice for any wood with a ton of character, such as white oak.

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The Bona Traffic HD Raw application process is also incredibly easy and efficient. It dries within 2-3 hours, making it possible to apply multiple coats in just a single day, and its low-odor formula ensures that there is no strong chemical smell lingering in the air.

If you’re looking for a premium product that offers top-notch protection for your hardwood flooring projects, Bona Traffic HD Raw is the answer. Its unique formula, combined with its ability to maintain the natural look and feel of untreated wood, make it an excellent choice for contractors and homeowners alike.

So, whether you’re working on a residential or commercial project, give Bona Traffic HD Raw a try and get ready to wow your clients!. Click here to purchase it now, or call us at (800) 737-1786 to speak with a hardwood floor expert for more information.

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