Bona’s New Water-Based Gym Finishes: An In-Depth Look at SuperSport MVP, SuperSport Elite Gloss, and SuperSport Elite Satin

The world of gym finishes has just gotten a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of three new water-based finishes from Bona, a leading manufacturer in the industry. These finishes, namely SuperSport MVP, SuperSport Elite Gloss, and SuperSport Elite Satin, promise exceptional quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal for sports floors.

Bona SuperSport MVP

Bona SuperSport MVP is a two-component, premium waterborne wood sport floor finish, specifically designed for professional use on maple sport floors​. This unique formulation is designed to withstand high-traffic scenarios, such as back-to-back games and community events, all while maintaining its beautiful design over the years.

One of the key features of SuperSport MVP is its excellent gloss retention, ensuring that your gym floor remains vibrant and aesthetically pleasing even after extensive use​. Moreover, this product has an 8-hour pot-life once crosslinked, providing flexibility and ample time for application. It is also VOC compliant, aligning with safety regulations and ensuring a healthier environment for your clients.

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Bona SuperSport Elite Glossbona supersport elite gloss

Next up, we have Bona SuperSport Elite Gloss. This two-component, premium waterborne sport floor finish is formulated for professional use on wood sport floors. Just like SuperSport MVP, the Elite Gloss boasts a low VOC urethane finish that dries quickly and is fully cured in just 3 days​​.

SuperSport Elite Gloss distinguishes itself through its unprecedented scratch and scuff resistance, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Its exceptional sheen retention adds to the aesthetic appeal, while its ease of maintenance ensures lasting beauty, providing both functionality and style for your gym floor​​.

Bona SuperSport Elite Satin

Last but not least, let’s look at Bona SuperSport Elite Satin. This premium waterborne sport floor finish shares similar features with the Elite Gloss, such as the two-component formulation, low VOC urethane finish, quick drying time, and full cure in 3 days​.

Like its gloss counterpart, SuperSport Elite Satin also provides unprecedented scratch and scuff resistance and exceptional sheen retention. But what sets it apart is its satin finish, adding a different aesthetic dimension that enhances the natural beauty of your wood sport floors. This finish is easy to maintain, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability​.

Bona’s new lineup of SuperSport water-based finishes offer a blend of durability, beauty, and ease of maintenance. Whether you choose the SuperSport MVP, SuperSport Elite Gloss, or SuperSport Elite Satin, you are investing in a high-quality, professional-grade finish that promises to stand up to the wear and tear of high-traffic sports floors while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. These finishes not only enhance the look of your gym floor but also provide a safe and durable surface for sports and events.

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