Buying vs. Renting a Hardwood Floor Sander

Yes, hardwood flooring equipment rentals exist. The Philly Floor Store is one of the few distributors in the country to offer this service.

But why would a hardwood floor contractor ever need to rent a hardwood floor sander? Shouldn’t every contractor have one in their repertoire?

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Here are some situations when it would make sense to rent flooring equipment instead of buying it:

#1: To start up a contracting business.

When you’re trying to break into the contracting industry, costs are high. Purchasing a new sander, buffer, edger, and vacuum could run you $10,000 or more.

That’s a significant overhead just to get your business up and running. A lot of contractors simply can’t put this kind of money down at first, especially because there are so many other costs associated with starting a business. But without a big machine, you can’t make any money. You need flooring equipment to start securing and serving clients.

As an alternative to buying your equipment when you first start your business, you could rent it instead.

Renting a sander, edger, and buffer could cost as low as $250 per day. This puts essential machinery in your hands, allowing you to start making money right away.

#2: To increase your productivity.

Renting extra equipment could help you move on to the next job sooner rather than later.

If you have a tight deadline, five rooms to complete, and only enough equipment for two people to work at a time, you could rent two or three more sanders, edgers, and whatever else you need.

Hand out the rented machines to competent employees to get the job done in time and get paid.

#3: To replace a machine that’s in for repairs.

If your sander is in the shop and you’ve got a job coming up, renting a replacement might be your only option.

The Philly Floor Store offers a 25% discount on any rental when you have your equipment repaired in our machine shop. You might even qualify for a free rental from us.

#4: To test out a new piece of equipment.

Renting a hardwood floor sander

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a new sander, but you’re not sure whether it’ll work for you. It’s a big investment, so why not rent one and give it a test run first?

#5: For access to a piece of flooring equipment that you wouldn’t use frequently.

Let’s say you have a client who wants you to do a dustless sanding job. If this is not a request you often get, buying the necessary equipment could be too expensive to justify.

In this situation, might be more logical to rent dustless sanding equipment (like the Lagler TRIO) instead of buying it just to complete a few jobs––unless you plan to specialize in dustless sanding.

Some questions to ask yourself when considering whether to buy or rent equipment:

  • What is your budget?
  • Will you need this piece of equipment more than once?
  • If you’re considering renting equipment to get your company off the ground, do you expect your business volume to increase?

If renting isn’t for you, consider buying used flooring equipment.

If you’d like to purchase equipment instead of renting it but you have a low budget, buying used equipment could offset a significant amount of your costs. Check out our itinerary of used hardwood flooring equipment and see for yourself how much you can save.

You can rely on the machines you buy used from us to run like new. The pros in our acclaimed machine shop inspect and test each piece of used equipment to make sure that it’s up to the manufacturer’s standards before we list it for sale.

For more information on renting flooring equipment or buying used equipment, contact Jim Asciutto at 800-737-1786 or email

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