Complete a Glue Assist Job Like Never Before with Bona R540

With Bona R540 primer and 850T adhesive, you’ll be able to complete glue assist jobs like never before, putting you miles ahead of the competition in terms of how quickly you can complete a job.

R540 is Bona’s latest moisture barrier sealer and primer. This product can be used over concrete, OSB, plywood, AdvanTech, and gypsum. 

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What is special about this product to create a glue assist process like you’ve never experienced? 

One or Two Coats, Tons of Protection

Applying Bona R540 to Plywood

You only need to put down one coat of Bona R540 on plywood and it will protect you up to 20% moisture content. This gives you a huge advantage. In addition to providing the floors with a large amount of protection from subfloor moisture, R540 eliminates the need for putting paper down over the subfloor. 

R540 acts as a vapor retarder. It slows down the moisture enough to allow the wood on top to acclimate slowly and properly, rather than getting hit with the moisture all at once and cupping, etc. 

If you’re working with concrete, you’ll want to put down two coats of R540. Run the second coat perpendicular to the first. This will protect you from up to 95% RH. Anything over this level of moisture is considered standing water, so R540 provides you with tremendous amount of protection against moisture damage even when working with concrete.

You can use the primer/sealer to effectively lower the moisture content of the subfloor. This is important because you don’t want more than a four-point variance between the moisture content of the subfloor and the wood you’re installing. The wider the planks, the tighter the variance you’ll want. With planks over 5” wide, for example, you want to be within two or three points of moisture variance. 

Other Features of Bona R540 That You’ll Love 

Bona R540

R540 is a single component product, meaning you’ll create no wasted product and no wasted money.

R540 contains zero VOCs and is GreenGuard Certified. It has no odor at all when applying it!

Over plywood, one jug (1.3 gallons) of R540 will cover 500 sq. ft. Over concrete, one jug of R540 will cover 400 sq. ft.

Use these products to upsell your service – you’ll lower the moisture content of the wood and be able to install quicker. Remember that time is money!

Before R540 was introduced, you had to abrade AdvanTech before applying glue. If you use R540, you don’t have to abrade AdvanTech when installing hardwood floors with glue assist!

540 primer and glue assist without having to worry about a moisture vapor barrier. This makes it very easy to install hardwood floors with these two products. Especially for bad climates. The glue is definitely a necessity for you to sleep at night.

How to Apply Bona R540

Applying Bona R540 Over Concrete

What is the cure/dry time with R540? It depends on what kind of subfloor you’re working with and what you have planned. 

  • If you’re installing floors with a nail glue assist with Bona R850T adhesive, you don’t have to wait overnight after applying the R540. The single coat you applied it just has to be dry to the touch (about 2 or 2-½ hours usually) and it can nail and glue right over it.
  • If you’re doing a full spread with 851 and you’re covering the whole thing with adhesive, you have to wait until the next day (16 hrs) to do a full glue after applying the R540. 

Use a 3/16” or ¼” mohair roller to apply the R540. Don’t wash out the applicator, just throw it out when you’re done.

Roll it on tight. You want to hear a sizzle-like sound. You want to hear the exact sound that you don’t want to hear while rolling waterbased finish. You don’t want to use too much of the product because it doesn’t give you any extra protection. 

Wait 24 hours before starting the sanding process after everything is applied.

Buy Bona R540 from City Floor Supply

Ready to use a hardwood floor sealer primer like one that you’ve never before? One that will protect you against moisture related disasters? Purchase Bona’s R540 primer and 850T adhesive here!

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