Equipment Every Sport Floor Contractor Needs in Their Repertoire

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When it comes to sanding gym floors and completing other large scale commercial projects, certain equipment is essential. There are a few pieces of equipment every gym floor contractor needs in their repertoire. Here are just a few: 

A 12” sander, like the Lagler Super Hummel, is an absolute must for any gym floor contractor to have. These sanders are specifically engineered for use in projects with a lot of square footage, such as gyms and other largescale commercial projects.

The game line tape machine. This helps you create clean, crisp, and accurate lines on gym floors when painting them. We recently had a clip of our video about this machine go viral because it’s also satisfying to watch!

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The 3ph Voltage Booster is a great tool for sanding in larger areas and maintaining the power of your equipment without experiencing voltage drops. With the Voltage Booster, you can continue to sand the floor at a steady rate with enough power, no matter how far away you travel from your power source. Letting the voltage drop too low can also damage your sander’s motor, and this tool can help you avoid that.

A CFS Rider is another piece of equipment that truly makes everything easier for gym floor contractors. It features dual 12” sanders––choose from dual Clarke American, Galaxy, or Hummel sanders. Instead of pushing them you can ride the cart to sand large areas without as much effort. The amount of square footage you can cover compared to using a standard sander can help you significantly cut your project timeline, which will help you cut your costs and be more competitive.

A quality edger, like the American Sanders 7R, is another important piece of equipment to have. This machine will give you a clean cut and hooks up directly to a vacuum for easy dust pickup. This machine’s powerful 1hp motor helps you maintain enough speed and power for an aggressive cut.

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