Floor Refinishing – The Benefits of a Flat Drum Sander with a Movable Dust Bag

Clarke Floor CrafterA lot of newer hardwood floor sanders are equipped with either a flat drum or a crowned drum. As you know, the drum is arguably the most integral part of a floor sander’s design. Many mechanics have their own preference, and there are certainly advantages to each drum style. Today we will be highlighting the benefits of a flat drum sander with a movable dust bag, so let’s talk about the American Sanders FloorCrafter.

The FloorCrafter’s flat drum is completely symmetrical in shape. You can liken it to a baker’s rolling pin. The benefit to this shape is that it produces flat, uniform sanding results across the floor. It even works great when the floor is plain sawn oak with lots of “Spring Wood” soft grain with the potential for dish-out. A flat drum shape makes sense because it’s less likely to remove the soft grain and the result is a flat, smooth, and level floor.

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Another great feature to the American Sanders FloorCrafter floor sander is that it has a moveable dust bag that rotates partially around the off-centered dust pipe of the machine. This gives the mechanic the ability to change the position of the dust bag so that it is in a location that is comfortable to use. The ability to move the bag also means the bag will be out of the mechanic’s line of sight. Of course, if you don’t want to use the dust bag, a vacuum hose can be hooked up directly to the dust pipe. The hose adapter used in the dust pipe will still rotate on the stack, making it easy to keep the hose and cable out of the way.

The other notable features of the FloorCrafter speak for themselves. Its revolutionary dolly system enables mechanics to move the floor sander from the van to the house easily. The dolly system also prevents the sander from sitting on its wheels which could lead to potential flat spots. The width of the v-belt (drive belt) has been reduced to prevent excessive vibration and potential chatter in the machine. The angle of the handle tube and position of the steering handle reduces operator lift pressure placed on the front of the machine. Lastly, the dual rear caster wheel system gives the sander better forward and rear traverse as it travels across the floor.

The American Sanders FloorCrafter is a well-known, reliable, and respected flat drum floor sander that produces great results every time!

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3 thoughts on “Floor Refinishing – The Benefits of a Flat Drum Sander with a Movable Dust Bag

  1. Renz Path

    Thanks for pointing out that a flat drum shape is far better due to its ability to take away the soft grain giving a flat, smooth and level look to the floor. As my son’s house is still in the finishing process and the wood tiles installed have to be polished still, that flat drum sander will be a good idea to suggest to those involved. I will show your article to him so he can read that and consider that tool instead.

  2. Dave Anderson

    That is interesting that the drum might be the most integral part of the floor sanders design. Maybe it would be good to get a floor that has a good drum. That is something I would want to have if I were needing to sand my floor for whatever reason.


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