Here’s Why the Primatech PRO 245 Nailer is a Great Value

Primatech’s PRO 245 hardwood flooring tool is consistently one of the most popular in the company’s PRO series of nailers and staplers, and for good reason!

The move was prompted by the demand for a competitively priced product that delivers the excellent quality that contractors have come to expect from Primatech. The fixed-base PRO 245, which is available as a nailer and a stapler, is designed with many of the same features as its predecessor, the PRO 250, at a reduced cost of ownership.

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The Primatech PRO 245-FL nailer on left, and its predecessor, the PRO 250-FL on right.

[Left: The Primatech PRO 245-FL nailer. On right: its predecessor, the PRO 250-FL.]

Like the P250, the P245 is designed for the utmost comfort during use. The tool is the same height as the P250 and can be used from a natural standing position, which reduces back strain. The lightweight tool’s compact size and lack of a recoil effect also reduce wrist and arm fatigue while installing hardwood floors.

The P245 and the P250 both operate at 80-100 PSI and have the same chassis. They are also the only flooring tools to feature an all-around, multi-strike head, which allows you to get closer to the wall.

Like the Primatech P250, the P245 is compatible with the add-on PrimSurfer A870 roller base, which replaces the tool’s fixed base and glides right into the tongue.

The Primatech Primsufer add-on roller base makes the PRO 245 even more efficient.

[The add-on roller base makes the PRO 245 even more efficient.]

The machine’s two-way slide mechanism allows you to work more quickly and ensures a consistent nailing pattern. In addition, the P245’s short distance from the wall enables you to strike nailer from any position and significantly reduce the need for top-nailing.

The P245’s low cost of ownership and shared features with the P250 are good enough reasons to invest in this tool, but here are some additional features of the P245 to consider when planning your next hardwood flooring installation:


The P245’s minimal moving parts result in a shorter, air-saving cycle. Its exceptionally short distance from the wall and its all-around striking mechanism combine to provide a close reach to end walls.

The PRO 245's multistrike head.

[The PRO 245’s multistrike head.]

The striking system also regulates the depth of penetration, allowing for increased nailing precision.

We can also attest to the fact that most of the Fastest Nailer in the East top competitors usually use the Primatech PRO 245 stapler!


The P245 is available at City Floor Supply in two varieties: the L-model (for cleat nails) and the S-model (for staples). The capacity is 110 nails or 138 staples.

In addition to this versatility in fastening method, the tool can be put to work in a number of different hardwood flooring environments. The P245’s composite base makes it compatible with solid, engineered, prefinished, and unfinished floors ranging in width from 1/2″ to 33/32” (13-26 mm).

The option to install the add-on PrimSurfer A870 roller base allows for additional flexibility and productivity while installing hardwood floors.


Keeping in line with the Primatech PRO family’s objective to “take the toiling out of flooring,” the P245 features a comfort grip and enables the user to assume a natural standing posture while using it. In addition, only a light strike is needed to engage the tool’s click-valve mechanism.

The Primatech PRO 245 nailer and the add-on PrimSurfer A870 roller base.

[The Primatech PRO 245 nailer and the add-on PrimSurfer A870 base.]

If you would like to order a Primatech PRO 245 you can call City Floor Supply at (800) 737-1786 or place an order online anytime!

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  1. Robert Wilson

    Like the sounds of the Primatech 245FL with the 870 PrimSurfer roller base. Also where do I get Primatech L nails?


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