Highlights from Nailer Day 2015

Nailer Day 2015 highlights


We had a great time yesterday kicking off Nailer Day 2015. Local contractors piled in for our annual Fastest Nailer in the East competition and to meet with vendors, other contractors, and industry people.

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We hosted vendors from Primatech, Powernail, Basic Coatings, Norton, Bona, and Aacer.

Several contractors also competed for the title of Fastest Nailer in the East. Even the Glavin brothers tried their hands at nailing hardwood floors in rapid succession.

Check out the pictures below to see the highlights of Nailer Day 2015.

JJ Nailer Day 2015


JJ of Walsh Hardwood Flooring racking up.

Mike Glavin Nailer Day


Mike Glavin nailing some floors.

Robert O'Connell Fastest Nailer in the East.


Robert O’Connell defending his title.

Tony from Bona


Tony from Bona displaying some finishes.

Ryan Lescher Nailer Day


Ryan of Jim Zane Carpentry moving fast.

Maurice Glavin Nailer Day 2015


Maurice Glavin working up a sweat.


George from Powernail


George from Powernail showing off nailer models.


The winners of the Fastest Nailer in the East contest:

Robert O'Connell - Fastest Nailer in the East Winner


Robert O’Connell of O’Connell’s Custom Concepts successfully defended his title of Fastest Nailer in the East for a $500 grand prize. The legend lives on.

Leon Margarite, Fastest Nailer 2nd place


Leon Margarite of Walsh Hardwood Flooring won $200 for placing second.

Mike, Fastest Nailer in the East 3rd place


Mike of Walsh Hardwood Flooring placed third for $100.

Shoot hoops for a jobsite radio

If you missed the fun yesterday, you can still win something. Come to our warehouse in Conshohocken, PA to try and win a Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio.

Each purchase gets you five tickets, and each basket you sink in our basketball hoop gets you a ticket. Each ticket is entered in a raffle for the radio. The drawing will take place on April 6.

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