How and Why to Blog for Your Contracting Business

Why you should blog for your contracting business

Blogging is not much more than sharing your thoughts on a certain topic, and it is a powerful marketing tool in this day and age.

You might be wondering if blogging would even be valuable for you, and if it is, what the heck should you blog about? We’ve got the answers to these questions and more.

Why blog?

You might be thinking, “I’m not a writer. I’m a contractor. How could I possibly write a good blog?” Believe it or not, the fact that you’re a contractor is exactly why you should blog.

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You don’t have to be a wordsmith to reap great rewards from your blogging efforts. Effective blogging is about delivering valuable information about a topic that you know in-depth, like contracting.

Since you’re an expert, you have a lot of things worth saying, and the right people will want to listen.

You can impart so much value onto your customers by blogging, all while helping to boost your traffic and helping your website get found by more of your potential customers. All just by posting a blog to your website once a week, or as frequently as you can manage.

How can blogging help you?

Believe it or not blogging is one of the best things you can do for your business in terms of internet marketing.

Why should you blog for your contracting business?

Blogging can help out your business in a few ways:

  1. It allows you to incorporate important keywords into your website naturally. This can put your website higher in search engine rankings, allowing it to be seen by more people searching for businesses like yours.
  2. It gives your readers more incentive to share your website, which gives your site more reach and also helps out your search engine rankings. Blogs also provide you with fresh, original content to share across your social media networks, if you have any.
  3. It encourages people to visit your website again for updates, and if you have an email update list for your blog, it can compel people to sign up for that as well. Every time someone visits your website or opens an email from you, you have the potential to convert them into paying customers.
  4. It helps you get a leg up on your competitors who don’t have websites, let alone know what a blog is.
  5. It’s a good way to share your expertise in order to position yourself as an industry expert and establish yourself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable contractor.

So although it may not seem like much, simply putting some words down on a page about a topic you know well can really do a lot to market your business.

Even if you don’t experience big results now, your more successful blogs can continue to attract new visitors for years to come, and those visitors have the potential to turn into customers. So it’s always a great idea to blog, even if you can only post something once a month.

What should you blog about?

If you’re intent on educating your readers and you remain relevant, there’s really no way you can go wrong when blogging.

Scott Avery of Auburn Refinishing suggests looking to the “three P’s of blogging” to figure out what to write about next: products, projects, and problems.

You can blog about products that your clients can use, interesting projects that you’ve done, and some problems that your clients might encounter with their floors, and how they can prevent them.

Some other topic ideas include frequently asked questions you get on the job, how to properly clean and maintain a hardwood floor, and how to choose the right species for certain rooms.

The key is to blog about any topics that you think your clients will find useful.

If you want to learn more about marketing your contracting business online and get more tips like this, download our free ebook about internet marketing for contractors.

Start blogging today and begin reaping the rewards!

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