How Primatech Incorporates New Technology into the P250 Nailer

If you own a pneumatic nailer you probably get a lot of mileage out of it. After all, nailing boards is a cornerstone in to this industry along with sanding and finishing. What you might not realize is how far along nailer technologies has have come in the past few years. Sure, you might have a favorite nailer, but is it up to the standards of current nailers?

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One such nailer leading the pack is the Primatech P250. With the P250, Primatech has manufactured a nailer that incorporates a wide variety of features that improve the functionality of the nailer.


Primatech P250

The heart of the P250 is the Primpact engine. The Primpact engine features a short nose which allows the mechanic to get closer to the wall than ever before. By Primatech’s estimation, you can get one board closer to the wall. The short nose also features an all-around striking surface. This lets the mechanic hit the striking surface at different angles but keeps a constant depth of penetration for the cleats. This nailer only needs 4 lbs. of pressure to activate the cycle. If needed, you could hit the striking surface with your hand to activate the cycle.

The Primpact engine has been designed to have fewer moving parts. This helps to save air, increase power, and increase precision. The engine is designed to be easily repaired on the job site. It’s as simple as loosening the locking screw and unscrewing the whole valve assembly.  Fewer moving parts means there’s less recoil on impact which means less of a chance of the tool accidentally moving.

The engine has also been designed to last. The O-rings inside have been tested in laboratories to be rated for over one million strikes. Other manufacturer’s nailers only last for approximately 250,000 strikes.

One of the most unique features to the P250 is the rollers. The rollers on the nailer allow the mechanic to set up the nailer and then quickly move down the board to continue the nailing schedule. These rollers are a huge time saver when installing a gym or sports floor. On a large scale project like a sports floor the seconds you spend moving a nailer down a board can add up quickly. By using rollers, you can easily move down the board and be done in no time.

Certain models of the P250 come with an adjustable base. This base can be manipulated to sit perfectly on a board and allows the cleat to be set up perfectly in the nail pocket. There are two components to the adjustable base. One part sits on top of the board, the other sits on the subfloor. By adjusting these two plates, the mechanic can make the nailer sit perfectly.

The Primatech P250 is a nailer that has many features that represent the future of flooring nailers. If you’re in the market for a new nailer or want one with all the upgrades, the P250 is the one for you.

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