How to Properly Maintain a Gym or Sport Floor

Gym Floor Care

Properly maintaining your gymnasium flooring is equally as important as the coat of finish you put down on an annual basis. To promote the longevity and performance of the floor and to get the most out of the product you put on the floor, simple measures can be taken on a daily basis

Schools and sport areas will typically resurface their floors every year due to the extreme amount of traffic gymnasium floors endure. Resurfacing restores the brilliant appearance, as well as the “tacky” feel athletic floors are meant to have.

Slippery floors are the number one cause of injury in athletics and physical education classes. Exterior grit and dust is the main cause of slippery floors. So to avoid slippery surfaces, injury, and grit, follow these simple steps:

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  •  “Tack” the floor daily with cleaning solution. This is the easiest and most effective method to remove all surface grit and dust. Dampen a towel with the cleaner, wrap a push broom with the towel, and push with the grain of the floor.
  • Use auto scrubbing machines with a polishing pad to lightly buff/polish the surface to remove grit that has been embedded in the finish – read more on auto scrubbers.
  • Place coarse walk off mats near all entrances to remove grit trapped in the soles of shoes.

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