How to Protect Hardwood Floors During Construction With FortiBoard

How to protect hardwood floors during construction

Protecting newly-finished floors during construction or renovation in someone’s home or business is an important but tedious task for hardwood floor contractors.

You have to find the right material––something that’s durable and fully able to protect the floors without scratching them. You have to make sure the material is installed correctly. And then the material has to live up to expectations by not letting anything damage the floors beneath it.

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Lots of contractors put down kraft paper or regular cardboard as a barrier when other trades come in after them to do work. But there’s a more secure floor protector available: Fortifiber-brand FortiBoard.

Here’s what makes FortiBoard floor protector a smart product for covering floors during construction:

Extra protection saves you from extra work.

Don’t risk damaging your clients’ floors and spending time on repairs.

Unlike other materials popularly used to protect floors during construction, FortiBoard contains an additive that provides moisture resistance––at least five hours of it. This feature can help guard against spills.

FortiBoard also protects floors from abrasion and some impacts. You’ll feel safer transporting your heavy equipment over this material.

You can install FortiBoard over hardwood floors, concrete, carpet, tile, and more. FortiBoard is meant to cover an entire room, not just provide a walkway.

All this security comes from a roll of material that only weighs 33 pounds.

Breathable material lets you keep working.

Let’s say that you have been hired to install hardwood floors and the painter is scheduled to work in the room after you’re done. In a case like this, you have to let the finish cure, but you also have to protect the floors you’ve just installed.

The solution to your problem is a floor protector that actually allows the floor to breathe.

FortiBoard is made of breathable material. Laying FortiBoard over a floor with finish that’s dry to the touch will allow the finish to cure while other trades transport equipment, paint a room, or install trim work. This can help you increase your efficiency and productivity. Sound good? Read more about FortiBoard.

Environmentally friendly features can score you LEED points and save you cash.

FortiBoard is made of 100% recycled materials, and the product itself is 100% recyclable.

Because of its low environmental impact, using FortiBoard at a jobsite could contribute up to two LEED points towards a U.S. Green Building Council Certification.

FortiBoard is reusable as long as it isn’t damaged, which reduces waste and saves you money.

FortiBoard protects you from the dangers of using alternative materials.

Let’s run through the downsides of some other materials that contractors use to protect floors during construction.

Regular cardboard isn’t designed to be put down over floors, so it might scratch the finish. It’s also very difficult to effectively cover a floor with cardboard. FortiBoard is designed to cover flooring, so it’s easier and safer to use. (Either way, make sure to remove debris from the floor before installing FortiBoard.)

When red rosin paper is exposed to sunlight or moisture, it can stain flooring. FortiBoard is non-staining.

Most kraft paper isn’t breathable, so you can’t lay it down over uncured finish. FortiBoard is made from breathable material, allowing floor finish, concrete, and mortar to cure during use.

It’s great when your floor protector is designed to save you time, money, and energy, and that’s exactly what FortiBoard does.

For more information on FortiBoard floor protector, call City Floor Supply at 1-800-737-1786 or shop online 24/7.

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  1. George Cox III

    It is one big problem to secure your hardwood floors at the time of construction. I recently got my home renovated, and my beautiful floors are badly damaged. I wish I would have read this blog earlier. I got help to heal up every damage by and got them repaired after paying some good bucks. Anyway, thanks for sharing these informative tips with us.


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