How to Use the Bona Wire Brush Kit

A couple of months ago, we demoed the Bona Wire Brush Kit on our Facebook page in a Facebook Live video.

This product helps you achieve a perfectly wirebrushed effect in the floor to create a distressed look. Distressed hardwood floors are very popular in the home décor industry right now, so this kit is perfect for those jobs which demand such a look.

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You can watch the video above, and read on to find out how to use the Bona Wirebrush Kit and some tips we have for using it to achieve the perfect distressed look in a hardwood floor.

How to use the Bona Wire Brush Kit to distress a wood floor 

Here are the steps that Joe and Tony took in the video to use the wire brush kit on the white oak/red oak mixed floors in our machine shop using the Bona PowerDrive buffer:

  1. Install the wire brush kit on your Bona PowerDrive. You put the brushes on just as you would sanding discs.
  2. Run the system. While using the wire brush kit, you’ll want to keep the PowerDrive handle upright to run the machine with the wire brush kit. You don’t want the handle to be 100% upright, but just slightly back from a full upright position. A safety feature in the PowerDrive will not allow you to start the machine while the handle is fully upright.
  3. We recommend water-popping the floors as you go over the area with the wire brush. This helps you get a more consistent pattern, and it preserves the longevity of the brushes by keeping the stainless steel cool during operation. Make sure to use a moisture meter to measure the moisture content of the floors before you waterpop.
  4. Once you’ve wirebrushed the entire area, take off the wire brushes. You will have to use a putty knife to disrupt the strong velcro bond.
  5. Go over the floors with the Bona Multidisc drive plate to take out some of the finer scratches left by the wire brush kit. We recommend a 120 or 150 grit silicon carbide screens, or an 80 or 120 diamond disc. Run the PowerDrive like a regular buffer when using the Multidisc, rather than keeping the handle upright as you did when using the wire brush kit. 
  6. After the run with the Multidisc, we recommend using a tampico brush attachment on the PowerDrive to get some of the dust out of the deep crevices created by the wirebrush. If you are staining the floors, this is an especially important step to take in order to achieve the most even stain possible.
  7. Test the moisture of the floors again before applying stain and/or finish to the floors.

What comes with the Bona Wire Brush Kit?

The Bona Wire Brush Kit includes 5 wire brushes; an XL dust skirt; a Bona dust shroud which is Bona Wire Brush Kitextended from the one included with the PowerDrive; premium leather gloves; wire brush corner tool; and a wire brush removal tool. You can buy the Bona Wire Brush Kit from City Floor Supply. Click here to buy the kit online.

Here’s a list of the tools we used in our video demo of the wire brush kit:

Bona Wire Brush Kit: Available here 
Bona Power Drive: Available here 

Bona MultiDisc Drive Plate: Available here 
Bona Portable DCS Vac: Available here
Cocoa colored Bona DriFast Stain: Available here
Delmhorst J2000 Moisture Meter: Available here

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