Introducing Bona Net Ceramic Abrasives

Bona Net Ceramic Abrasives

Attention hardwood floor contractors! Discover the latest innovation in sanding technology with Bona Net Ceramic abrasives, a new product designed to elevate your sanding experience. Engineered for medium and fine sanding, as well as the removal of joint filler, Bona Net Ceramic abrasives ensure superior performance with minimal risk of clogging.

Key Features of Bona Net Ceramic

Several features make Net Ceramic stand out as a great choice among abrasives:

  1. Minimal Clogging: The special net structure of Bona Net Ceramic significantly reduces clogging, allowing for smoother and more efficient sanding operations.
  2. Excellent Dust Extraction: With its unique design, Bona Net Ceramic enables dust-free sanding, ensuring a cleaner and healthier work environment.
  3. High Removal Rate: The ceramic grain provides an exceptional removal rate, making your sanding tasks quicker and more effective.

Bona Net Ceramic Recommended Usage

Bona Net Ceramic is designed primarily for use with orbital or rotary sanders such as the Supraflex SE 14-2. It can also be effectively used with the Bona Power Drive for medium or fine sanding and the removal of joint filler. However, to achieve the best results and ensure a smooth cut, it is recommended to use intermediate pads when attaching Bona Net Ceramic directly to the Power Drive.

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Why Choose Bona Net Ceramic?

For professional hardwood floor contractors seeking efficiency and precision, Bona Net Ceramic is the ideal choice. Its advanced design minimizes downtime caused by clogging and maximizes productivity with its high removal rate. The excellent dust extraction feature contributes to a cleaner workspace, enhancing both safety and comfort during sanding operations.

Upgrade your sanding equipment with Bona Net Ceramic and experience the difference in performance and quality. Whether you are working on new installations or refinishing existing floors, Bona Net Ceramic offers the reliability and effectiveness needed to deliver outstanding results every time.

Stay ahead in your craft with Bona Net Ceramic – the smart choice for professional sanding. Click here to shop now or call us at (800) 737-1786 for more information!

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