Introducing the American Sanders Legend Machine!

American Sanders Legend Machine

On December 1st, 2020, American Sanders announced the arrival of their newest machine, the Legend Belt sanderWe’re happy to say that we carry the machine, and here’s why we think it’s a great addition to their lineup.

All About the American Sanders Legend

The Legend is an 8″ belt sander featuring a 230-volt continuous duty motor. This motor drives a precision engineered top roller and drum system. The machine is engineered to eliminate wave and chatter when sanding uneven and damaged floors, and to offer consistent sandpaper tracking.

You can change the drum pressure between 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 pounds to adjust your results on the fly.

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All in all, the American Sanders Legend machine is designed to give you exactly what you want out of your big machine: exceptionally flat floors.

In addition to providing exceptional sanding performance, the Legend includes features to reduce operator fatigue and to increase your overall efficiency on the jobsite. The adjustable handle model of the Legend sander further adds to the overall usability and ergonomic appeal of the machine.

Not to mention, the Legend machine is easy to set up and transport. 

American Sanders as a company has over 100 years of history––the company was founded in 1903. This is a great testament to the quality and track record of their machines. We’re excited for this new machine and hope that you give it a try. Click here to view more details about the Legend sander, or browse all American Sanders machines that we stock by clicking here.

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American Sanders Legend

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