Introducing the Galaxy Seirios 8” Belt Sander

Galaxy Seirios 8 Belt Floor Sander

The Galaxy Seirios is an 8″ floor belt sander that gives you superior cutting quality due to its newly designed features. Here are just a few things that set it apart from other sanders:

  • Redesigned, high-performance dust pan – Built to be aerodynamic, the Seirios 8’s new dustpan design allows for increased air flow, giving you increased dust collection. It helps you keep all of that dust off the floor, ultimately producing a better finish.

  • Faster cutting speed and increased cutting pressure – The Seirios 8’s cutting pressure has been increased by 15-20% compared to other Galaxy 8” sanders without any weight being added to the machine, giving you a flatter and neater finish.
  • Adjustable, three-position dust tube. The newly designed adjustable dust tube helps to distribute weight evenly when the dust bag is full. You’re able to use the dust bag as a weight bias. Position it to the left, center, or right to shift the weight of the machine according to what you need. The left-hand side is the traditional placement, the center position provides balanced weight distribution, and the right side offers the greatest amount of stability while running the machine.
  • Built-in LED light – The Seirios 8 features a powerful LED light affixed to the wide grip grab handle at the front of the machine. The light has a sleek, low-profile design allowing you to see exactly what you’re sanding.
  • Dust bag weight isolation design – Unique technology eliminates the fluctuations in cutting pressure based on the weight of the dust bag, allowing your sanding pattern to remain consistent throughout your time on the job. (Note that we always recommend emptying the dust bag regularly to prevent fires). 
  • Split rear caster wheel – The Seirios 8’s cleverly designed rear caster wheel ensures smoother direction changes while operating the machine.

  • Wide grip grab handle – The wide grip grab handle on the front of the machine makes it easier to lift and transport.

Achieve a flatter finish and increased cutting speed with this machine. Click here to learn more and buy the Galaxy Seirios 8!

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