Introducing the ProTeam SuperCoach

ProTeam SuperCoach Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam continues to innovate and bring great products to the market for contractors. Their latest product is the ProTeam SuperCoach, a backpack vacuum with a new design that’s intuitive and ergonomic, without sacrificing quality.

The new large capacity triangular shape combined with ProTeam’s innovative articulating harness has resulted in a vacuum that feels more like a part of your body. This commercial backpack vacuum comes complete with the Hard Surface Tool w/ Horse Hair Brush Tool Kit.

  • Triangular Shape – The shape of the backpack allows it to better conform to your back for a closer fit, reducing accidental contact with walls and doorways.
  • Freedom of Movement – The FlexFit articulating harness is responsive to the motion of the user’s shoulders, back and hips. This increases your comfort and reduces fatigue.
  • Productive – The SuperCoach cleans hard surfaces without stirring up dust.
  • Stay Cooler – Specially designed harness allows any heat to dissipate.
  • Easy Filter Bag Change – Quick-release, die cast latches improve filter compartment seal.

This will help you keep your jobs as close to dustless as possible! Wood floor sanding and finishing can kick up a lot of dust, and it’s essential to ensure that you’re collecting as much of that dust as possible to maintain the integrity of your work.

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What’s in the box:

  1. Hose – Professional-grade flexible hose for better maneuverability
  2. Super Coach Pro 10 Vacuum
  3. Intercept Micro Filter Bag (2) – Paper filter bag to capture dust
  4. Soft Dusting Brush – Gently removes dust and allergens off of blinds, furniture and lampshades
  5. Crevice Tool – Perfect for deep cleaning around corners and tight spaces
  6. Hard Floor Tool – Soft bristles ideal for delicate surfaces
  7. Two-Piece Wand – Lightweight aluminum wand for extended reach
  8. 50′ Extension Cord – Plug in once and vacuum entire area
  9. Literature Kit – Owners Manual & Quick Start Poster

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