Need a New Hardwood Floor Finish? Take Easy Street!

Applying Basic Coatings Easy Street

If we could use one word to describe Basic Coatings Easy Street finish, it would be…well, easy!

This finish is virtually waste-free, quick to dry, and environmentally friendly. That’s a pretty powerful trio.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into what makes Easy Street a truly unique hardwood floor finish:

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Single-component formula

This is a single-component finish, which saves you a ton of time and money in the long run. A single-component finish renders an external catalyst unnecessary. This leaves less room for mistakes like a contaminated or poorly mixed finish.

Basic Coatings Easy Street also has an unlimited pot life, which means no more wasted finish! Click here to learn more about Easy Street.

Waterbased advantage

Because Easy Street is water-based, it is quick to dry and cure. It also has some aesthetic and environmental advantages.

Since this is a water-based finish, the application is quick. You only have to wait about two to three hours between each coat of Easy Street, and the finish only takes about seven days to fully cure.

You can open up the floor to light foot traffic and furniture replacement after 24 hours, so you’ll have a functional floor rather quickly when you use Easy Street.

On the aesthetic side of things, water-based finishes dry clear, which allows the natural beauty of the wood to show through the finish. A water-based finish is also great to use if you plan to stain the floors, because it reduces the chance of a color conflict between the finish and the hardwood floor stain.

Low VOCs =  happy environment, happy lungs

The Easy Street formula has low VOCs. This means that it doesn’t give off the strong fumes that oil-based polyurethane finishes do because it contains less harsh chemicals. Using a water-based finish is healthier for you, your customers, and the environment.Basic Coatings Easy Street hardwood floor finish

Because of its low VOC count, Easy Street is especially great to use if you’re working around vulnerable populations like school children, or if you have customers who specifically want an eco-friendly finish.

Don’t be fooled: the low VOC count doesn’t mean that this finish is unreliable. Easy Street provides the durability that you’d expect out of any high-quality finish.

Read more about the importance of maintaining indoor air quality when finishing hardwood floors.

Use Easy Street anywhere

Easy Street can be used to finish residential, commercial, and sports floors — basically on any job site that calls for a durable, reliable, low-odor finish. This finish is available in gloss, satin, semi, and super matte varieties, meaning that you can call upon it in nearly any situation.

WATCH: How to Apply a Water-Based Hardwood Floor Finish

This finish features a superior flow, leveling, and low foam formula, making it very easy to apply and leaving less room for mistakes. They don’t call it Easy Street for nothing!

We’re making it even easier for you to take Easy Street

Next time you’re in the market for a new finish, take Easy Street. Learn more about Basic Coatings Easy Street on our website, or feel free to call us at (800) 787-1786 with any questions about this product.

2 thoughts on “Need a New Hardwood Floor Finish? Take Easy Street!

  1. Tad Scobey

    Basic.coatings website says that easy street can be used as a sealer. The gallon can does not confirm this. Have you used it as a sealer and what was the process if so time to cure etc…

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      We have used Easy Street as sealer and Basic does support it. No more than 2 coats in a day. Wait a minimum of 3-4 hours with good ventilation to apply 2nd coat. Often we wait to next day to apply the 2nd and third coat. When doing this we buff with sand dollar (yellow) or 3M SSP maroon pad.


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