New Line of Prefinished Superior Flooring and Euro Cut White Oak Floors

A few months ago, we went live on Facebook to show off our latest line of Superior Hardwood prefinished flooring and Euro Cut white oak flooring collections! Read on to learn about these collections and find out what makes them so special.

New Superior Hardwood Flooring Collection

Superior Hardwood Floor Collection

These floors have a small micro-bevel––one of the smallest we’ve ever seen. A variety of finish systems are available with this collection, from semi-gloss to matte.

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This is a phenomenal product available in dozens of great colors which are completely on-point with today’s consumer trends. You’re sure to find one that fits your customer’s needs!

The collection features standard North American domestic species––red oak, ash, hickory, maple, and white oak, including Euro cut live sawn white oak.

The collection features wirebrushed treatment varieties that offer a toned-down, tasteful design.

The platforms available are engineered, solid, and enhanced––the latter of which is a 3/4″ engineered product which consists of rift-and-quartered ash at the core, and an engineered wear layer. The backer is also rift-and-quartered ash, giving the floor phenomenal strength. Superior says you don’t even need to acclimate this floor before installing––that’s how much confidence they have in the strength and quality of their enhanced product!

Each product is available in different sheens, widths, and construction/platform.

We also stock nine main stain colors from this collection for use on staircases, treads, quarter rounds, transitions, and moldings––anything you need to install these floors and apply the finishing touches to match.

Euro Cut White Oak Collection

Euro Cut White Oak Flooring

Our new Euro Cut collection features live sawn, character grade white oak in phenomenal lengths. 5″, 7″, 8″, 10″ widths are available with this collection’s character grade.

This flooring features a 6 mm wear layer so that you’re sanding above that nail pocket is almost like a solid floor. This is a pre-sanded, 3/4″ product with outstanding milling. You can cut it once with the Power Drive, edge it, and get ready to stain it. The flooring stable, so it will stay flat.

This flooring is beautifully European sawn, featuring beautiful flecking. Prime grade is also available with the Euro Cut collection, as well as 8″ and 10″ width planks.

Give us a call at (800) 737-1786 or come visit us to check out what we have in stock! Click here to view our selection of Superior Flooring online, and call us or email to see what we have in stock with the Euro Cut collection.

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