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Introducing Pallmann Hardwood Floor Supplies

We’re excited to introduce that we now carry a range of products from Pallmann, designed to enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of your hardwood flooring projects. Whether you’re looking for high-quality machines, finishes, or sealers, Pallmann’s offerings cater to a diverse range of contractor needs. Read on to find out more or click here to explore our catalog of Pallmann products now.

Here’s a glimpse into these innovative solutions now available from City Floor Supply:

Pallmann Spider Buffer: The Pallmann Spider is a versatile sanding machine that combines the functionalities of a sanding machine, edger, and buffer. It features a planetary geared, powerful motor, capable of variable RPMs ranging from 80 to 400 to ensure perfect sanding results. Its design focuses on efficiency and ease of use with features like a low profile for better control, large transport tires for easy mobility, and an adjustable handle that reduces operator fatigue. This tool is ideal for achieving smooth, flawless finishes on hardwood floors.

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Pallmann Gecko Star Edger: The Pallmann Gecko Star 2.0 Edger stands out in the market for its lightweight design coupled with powerful performance. Its tool-free adjustment of wheels allows for optimal sanding pressure, making it suitable for a variety of projects. The Gecko Star 2.0 is engineered for precision and ease, ensuring high-quality edges and corners with minimal effort.

Pall-X Power Finish: This water-based hardwood floor finish is designed for both commercial and residential applications. It leverages advanced resin and polymer chemistry to provide the durability of a two-component finish with the ease of a single-component system. This product promises a beautiful, resilient finish that’s easy to apply and maintain.

Pall-X 96 Nexgen Finish: Pall-X 96 Nexgen is a water-based, one-component floor finish that provides superior protection and a stunning aesthetic for hardwood floors. This product is an excellent choice for residential and light traffic areas.

Pall-X NatureSeal: NatureSeal offers an exceptional sealer option designed to showcase the natural beauty of lighter wood species while providing significant protection against wear-and-tear. It’s an ideal base coat for subsequent Pallmann water-based finishes, ensuring a durable and attractive final appearance.

Pall-X Color: Enhance the vibrancy and depth of your wood stains with Pall-X Color, a product designed to improve the color intensity and uniformity of stained wood floors. Its fast-drying, easy-to-apply nature makes it a favorite among contractors looking to achieve rich, deep hues​.

Pall-X WhiteSeal: Pall-X WhiteSeal is specifically formulated for those seeking a lighter, white/arctic look in their wood floors. It reacts with light wood species to provide a great basecoat for a pristine white finish that enhances the light and space in any room.

These products not only boost the aesthetics of hardwood floors but also contribute to longer-lasting finishes and easier maintenance. At City Floor Supply, we are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions the industry has to offer, ensuring that every flooring project is a success.

Click here to explore our full catalog of Pallmann products and more at our store to take your flooring projects to the next level.

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