NWFA Wood Floor Expo Recap and Free Disaster Recovery Download

NWFA Recap | 7 Steps to Help Save Your Business Should Disaster StrikeThe City Floor Team recently attended the NWFA Wood Floor Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference was a huge success, drawing strong crowds and active engagement among vendors, show organizers and attendees. There was a palpable excitement in the air. On Thursday, April 28, Mike, Joe, and Maurice Glavin gave a presentation on Disaster Recovery – “7 Steps to Help Save Your Business. The presentation was meant to give business owners an overview of how to protect their businesses from potential disaster. The material was based on what they experienced when their warehouse and distribution center succumbed to a fire last May.

According to the Red Cross, about 40 percent of small business owners close their doors for good after a major disaster like City Floor (formerly Philly Floor) suffered. We feel so very fortunate that we are close to making a full recovery. The news of the fire has spread far and wide throughout the industry. At the NWFA conference, “Mike and Joe Glavin couldn’t walk 5 feet without someone asking, ‘How is the fire recovery going?’ People care about their fellow wood floor compatriots. It is a special culture and we wouldn’t have survived without folks who cared to help,” says Maurice.

We’ve received a tremendous amount of support from our wonderful customers, suppliers, and friends since the fire, so we felt this presentation was a way to pay it forward by helping educate other business owners about taking steps to prevent loss. Download our list of “7 Steps to Help Save Your Business Should Disaster Strike” – the difference between surviving a major loss and succumbing to it can best be described in this download.

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The City Floor team had a great time at the 2016 Wood Floor Expo. There were lots of suppliers, lots of wood floor people who are passionate about the industry, and lots of new products revealed. Like most events you learn as much from the attendees as you do from the speakers or presenters. We even squeezed in a tour of Bona Kemi’s Monroe plant. It’s always nice to see the folks and the science behind the products we sell every day. Overall, it was a great time, and we look forward to next year’s event!

We hope that this post and our “7 Steps to Help Save Your Business Should Disaster Strike” download motivates you to start taking steps to protect your business. You can also check out the other installments of our “Lessons Learned” series for more disaster prevention and recovery tips. It’s never too late to protect your company!

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