Pallmann Spider Now in Stock!

We are happy to announce that the Pallmann Spider is now in stock at City Floor Supply! Click here to learn more and shop now.

Watch the video above to see Joe demo this sander and read on to learn more!

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A New Era in Floor Sanding

In the dynamic world of hardwood floor installation and maintenance, efficiency and precision are paramount. The Pallmann Spider 16″ sanding machine and buffer represents a significant leap in technology, offering contractors a tool that promises to redefine the standards of floor sanding.

Let’s explore some of the Pallmann Spider’s unique features:

Unmatched Versatility and Design

This isn’t just a standard buffer. The Pallmann Spider can eliminate the need for a big machine on certain jobs. Here’s how:

Flexible Design for Diverse Applications: The Pallmann Spider’s innovative design, featuring a triple-disc 7-inch plate and a standard 16-inch single buffer plate, offers unparalleled flexibility in sanding operations.

Power Meets Precision: The Spider features an advanced magnetic motor and a variable RPM range. These features work together to ensure flawless sanding results on every project.

An Ergonomic and User-Friendly Sander

Pallmann designed the Spider with the end user in mind. They engineered this machine for ultimate usability, with multiple ergonomic features baked into the design.

Ease of Use and Handling: The Pallmann Spider’s low-profile design and large transport tires make Pallmann Spidermaneuvering and transporting the machine a breeze.

Reducing Operator Fatigue: Design elements like the easy-to-adjust handle make the Pallmann Spider a standout machine for its user-centric approach.

All-in-One Solution: This machine serves as a multi-purpose tool, functioning as a sander and buffer, providing a comprehensive solution for all flooring needs.

Advanced Dust Containment: The Pallmann Spider’s superior dust containment features ensure a cleaner work environment and compliance with health and safety standards.

Everything You Need: A full range of accessories and packages are available for the Pallmann Spider, including a weight kit, a light ring, and more.

The Pallmann Spider is a Game-Changer for Wood Floor Professionals

The Pallmann Spider is already having a huge impact on the hardwood floor sanding industry. This machine is a must-have for professionals seeking efficiency, precision, and ease of use.

Click here to learn more about hte Pallmann Spider. If you’re local to City Floor Supply, you can schedule a jobsite demo by clicking here and filling out a quick form.

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