The Philadelphia Floor Store is Now City Floor Supply!

We are excited to announce a big change: Philly Floor is rebranding to become City Floor Supply (CFS)!

This rebrand reflects the enormous growth that we have experienced as a company. Over the past 25 years, we have expanded from a regional flooring supplier into a national brand. In 2014, we shipped products out to all 50 states.

In tandem with the rebrand, we will launch a new website ( on Monday, December 7th. The new site is designed to provide a better user experience. We have revamped the navigation and search features to make them more powerful and user-friendly. Products will also be better organized and easier to find.

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Although this is a big change, the dedication and passion behind the Philly Floor brand will remain. Our customers can expect the same great customer service and high-quality products that we are known for.

“While our brand has evolved to represent where we stand as a company today, customer satisfaction continues to be our number one priority,” says Mike Glavin.

Things are really coming together and improving for us as a company, and the City Floor Supply brand is designed to reflect that.

Check out our new website!

Check out our new website!

Even though the warehouse fire was a big setback, we were thankfully able to recover quickly. Thanks to our amazing network and our dedication to rebuilding, the business bounced back and continued to grow at a steady clip.

The organizational structure of the company will remain the same, so you’ll see the same friendly faces behind the counter once we move to our new location in 2016.

We hope to continue extending the reach of City Floor Supply,  and to provide high-quality products to a more diverse set of customers. We hope you’re as excited as we are to begin this new chapter!

Visit us at or call us at 800-737-1786.

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