Pre-Bent Vinyl Stair Treads

Tim DiPaula from US Vinyl Floor Bending recently visited City Floor Supply to demonstrate his company’s pre-bent vinyl floor stair treads. 

US Vinyl Floor Bending has access to a patented tool that enables them to take any vinyl plank flooring right out of the box and bend it to a 1-1/16″ radius, which fits over most standard bullnoses and steps to give you a seamless transition. We offer treads that are already bent, so you just have to cut them to fit the treads on the staircase you’re working with. Click here to browse our selection of pre-bent vinyl treads. 

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This is made of the vinyl flooring material itself, giving you an exact color match!

Most of the tools currently on the market––such as the tool that comes with most vinyl plank flooring––are usually plastic and loop up over the step in a way that causes a tripping hazard and frequently comes loose. 

The tool that they use bends the actual vinyl flooring so it’s a perfect color match and will fit over most treads. It’s super easy to install these! You just cut them down to size, then glue them over the stair tread. They come pre-bent and you don’t have to cut off the existing nosing when you use these.

Here’s how to install these pre-cut vinyl treads:

  1. Make sure your steps are square on both sides.
  2. Measure the riser width and height individually and cut the pre-bent treads to match. Measure the tread from the riser from the front of the radius. When you cut the pre-bent treads to match, measure from the inside of the radius to the back.
  3. Put your adhesive (Wakol Montinator is a good choice) down on the stair and simply fit the pre-bent tread to it. Tim recommends a full spread adhesive. He also recommends putting adhesive on the front of the inside of the radius. Install all treads first before installing the risers. Tim has experimented with different methods and has found that the tread before riser method is the best.
  4. Finally, glue in your risers. Tim sells pre-primed risers, or you can use the vinyl wood itself.

If you have any questions about these pre-bent vinyl stair treads, reach out to us at (800) 737-1786 or email Click here to browse our selection of pre-bent vinyl stair treads.

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