Product Overview: Norton Sand Dollars

Norton Sand Dollars overview

These sand dollars allow you to smooth and prep the floor to accept the next coat of finish… without running the risk of creating swirl marks.

A Norton Sand Dollar has the same durability of a screen, but it’s less aggressive. You can use Sand Dollars in new construction and other situations where a screen would provide too aggressive of a cut. Sand Dollars are generally more versatile than traditional PSA strips and screens, and they have a number of other benefits as well. 

How Norton Sand Dollars stack up against PSA strips

Norton Sand Dollars are extremely durable and wear-resistant. They’re built to continue performing long past the point other abrasives need to be replaced.

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Sand Dollars have a long life of approximately 1,500 square feet, whereas PSA strips typically need to be replaced every 150 square feet.

Norton Sand DollarBecause they’re more durable and you have to change them less frequently, Norton Sand Dollars save you precious time on each and every job––time you otherwise would have spent stopping the sanding process to change worn-down screens. Click here to view our selection of Sand Dollars. 

Using a PSA strip can also lead to finish abrasion problems because it’s easy to forget to change them as often as they are supposed to be changed. When you use the hook-and-loop variety of a PSA screen, you also run the risk of the screen curling under and leaving deep scratch marks in the wood.

The color-coded advantage

The color coded system of Norton Sand Dollars isn’t just for fun; the color lets you know which grit you’re using, so you don’t run the risk of using the wrong grit like you might with a PSA screen or pad that has a worn-down label.

What are the different colors for?

Check out this chart:

Norton Sand Dollar application chart

With their four color-coded grits, Norton Sand Dollars can be used in almost any situation.

Sand Dollars are available in 16” diameter pads and 20” diameter pads. The latter was designed specifically for use on sports floors to eliminate the risk of cutting through the finish on game lines and logos, while eliminating swirl marks with ease.  

The special cut-outs in the Sand Dollars help with dust extraction and they minimize loading.

Click here to read more about the benefits of Norton Sand Dollars, or click here to browse our full inventory of Sand Dollars. 

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