Product Review: Bona Red Out

If you’re looking to achieve a lighter, natural style in your red oak flooring or other wood species with red tones, Bona Red Out is the solution for you. Watch our video above to see Joe apply it to red oak!

Bona Red Out is a two-step waterborne color neutralizer that is specially designed to reduce the red and pink hues commonly found in red oak flooring and other wood species. It can help mimic the look of white oak wood flooring and can be used on multiple wood species, from red oak to Brazilian cherry.

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One of the benefits of using Bona Red Out is that it is compatible with the entire Bona System®. This makes it easy to prepare the flooring for staining, sealing, and finishing, ensuring a perfect first step to achieve lighter tones, including a Nordic look — no matter the color or species of wood.

Bona Red Out is safe for all residential and commercial flooring surfaces and because it is a waterborne product, there is no need to water pop the floor prior to staining, saving time and effort. Another benefit of using Bona Red Out is that it has no pot life, which means minimal waste and it can be used across multiple jobs.

Overall, Bona Red Out is a great solution if you are looking to neutralize red and pink tones and achieve a lighter, natural style in your flooring. It is safe, easy to use, and overall the perfect product to achieve your desired look when working with a wood floor that has red tones that you’d like to eliminate.

Click here to purchase Red Out now or to learn more, or call (800) 737-1786 to speak with a wood floor expert about this product.

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