Refinishing a Hardwood Kitchen Floor: Challenges and Solutions

Refinishing a hardwood floor in a kitchen

Refinishing a hardwood floor in a kitchen is a tough job, but with the right tools you can make the process go smoothly.

Here are two challenges that come with refinishing or installing a hardwood floor in a kitchen, and two unique products that provide excellent solutions.

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Challenge: Toe kicks
Solution: The Galaxy RS 100 Radiator Edger

Toe kicks are the spaces underneath fridges, counters, and radiators. These areas require special attention during the hardwood floor finishing process because regular edgers can’t fit underneath them. To properly sand toe kicks you’ll need an edger with a thin body, like the Galaxy RS 100.

The Galaxy RS 100 Radiator Edger is perfect for refinishing kitchens because it allows you to get into the smallest of gaps. With 1.8 inches in clearance, the RS 100 will help you fit into virtually any tight spot.

The Galaxy RS 100 uses a 7-inch edger pad so you don’t have to cut your edger paper––just use the standard size.

The edger’s large, non-marking wheels facilitate its smooth pivoting action. Its 12-inch cast aluminum nose is rigid and durable, and the machine operates with minimal vibration for a smooth sanding job.

With the Galaxy RS 100 Radiator Edger on hand, you’ll be able to blend edges and toe kicks perfectly with the rest of the floor.

Challenge: Moving heavy appliances
Solution:  The Crain 280 Heavy Duty Air Lifter

When moving and lifting heavy appliances in your clients’ kitchens, you risk injuring yourself or damaging the floors.

If you’ve just refinished a floor and you use a hand truck to move the fridge back in the kitchen, for example, you can accidentally mar the finish if there’s some grit on the hand truck’s wheels that went unnoticed.

The Crain 280 HD Air Lifter takes the trouble out of lifting heavy appliances. The machine uses a pocket of air to completely lift the appliance off the ground, transporting it across the room safely and smoothly, with no risk of damage to the floors.

Refinishing a hardwood floor in a kitchen sounds like a daunting task, but with the right tools at hand you’ll be able to finish the job with ease.

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