Save Big on the SuperHummel CFS Rider Package

CFS Super Hummel Rider Package

These riders are the ultimate way to getting ahead of your competition in the sport flooring and commercial flooring markets. A rider package can help you cover a huge amount of square footage per hour compared to just pushing a 12” sander back and forth across the jobsite. 

We wanted to address some questions our customers sometimes have about our custom CFS Riders

Where did this idea come from? We first came up with the idea for a sander rider package several years ago when we saw a huge need for a machine like this in the sports and commercial flooring markets. So our machine shop pros started putting together rider packages using 12” Lagler, American Sanders, and Galaxy sanders!

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Why did we choose these three sander models specifically to build our rider packages? We wanted to construct our rider packages from 12” sanders to offer more coverage, since the main goal of the CFS Rider is to save you time and money by allowing you to cover more ground with ease. The three manufacturers from which we put together our custom riders––Lagler, American Sanders, and Galaxy––all make 12” machines. Each of these sanders has their own features and benefits that are the same as the features and benefits of the standalone 12” sanders, so if you have a preference out of the three, you can have your preference in the form of a CFS Rider.

The rider allows you to work much more efficiently and effectively, covering more square footage in less time. 

It also helps you combat fatigue because you’re sitting down and driving the sander, rather than pushing it back and forth across the floor.

Not to mention the amount of time you’ll save using this machine, allowing you to finish up a job and move onto the next one more quickly. It’s a smart investment for your business if you routinely cover a lot of square footage on your jobs. 

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