Save Time and Money with the Oneida Vortex DCS Floor Sander Cyclone

The new Oneida Vortex DCS Floor Sander Cyclone will revolutionize your sanding performance.

Oneida is bringing their powerful dust separator cyclone system to the flooring industry with the debut of the Vortex.

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Save yourself time, money, and energy with this powerful dust containment system, which can either be used as a standalone DCS or can help you boost the performance of an existing dust containment system.

This machine pre-separates airborne dust and debris. This relieves pressure at the source, which improves the performance of not only your vacuum, but also your sander.

Save time and money with the Vortex

When using a regular dust containment system, there is usually a drop in suction after 10 minutes of

Oneida Vortex DCS Portable Dust Containment System | City Floor Supply

sanding, which means that you’re leaving behind more material. This makes your abrasives work harder, wearing them down more readily. By capturing dust and debris straight at the source, the Vortex prevents your abrasives from heating up excessively, therefore helping them last longer and saving you money.

The Vortex attaches directly to your sander and is quick to detach for easy transport and storage. It’s got a compact build, making it perfect for transporting from job to job. It’s a lot easier to use and transport than most bulky dust containment systems.

The Vortex’s powerful containment abilities allow you to vacuum less between each sanding, saving you time. It also allows you to extend the length of the hose for your current DCS up to 100 feet.

With the Vortex, you can run multiple tools at once to get the job done more quickly and efficiently for better performance on the job.

Make less of a messVortex DCS Portable Dust Containment System 110V

Dust containment is extremely important when sanding a floor. If you don’t contain the dust your machines generate well enough, you run the risk of having swirl marks or other finish problems develop once you leave the job.

The Vortex doesn’t require you to fiddle with messy cloth bags or expensive trailers. Dust is captured right at the source and stored up to 100 feet away in convenient disposable bags for worry-free dust containment.

The Vortex eliminates the need for plastic sheeting and vacuuming after the sanding is done, saving you valuable time and money and letting you move on to the next job with ease and peace of mind.

This full-unit HEPA vacuum meets all EPA RRP guidelines (even lead).


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