Spotlight on the Lagler Hummel 8″ Floor Sander

If you’re in the market for a floor sander, we’ve got a great machine that will help you achieve spectacular results and reduce downtime on your job site.

The Lagler Hummel 8″ belt floor sander is a reliable and dependable machine that has been used in the flooring industry for nearly 40 years. This is due in no small part to the outstanding German engineering from Lagler. When Lagler introduced the machine, it was one of the first floor sanders to use a continuous duty belt.

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This floor sanding machine is built with many features that help the mechanic with sanding hardwood floors. Older types of sanders use cut sheets of sandpaper clamped into the slotted drum. This application runs the risk of being installed improperly, not to mention it takes time to cut paper and clamp it in a drum. With the Hummel sander, the belt mechanism reduces user error and allows for an easy swap of different grits of sandpaper. The top-roller system also ensures the sandpaper will always be correctly aligned on the machine – if it loses tracking it is easily adjustable with a tensioning screw. Its rear wheel pivot prevents the machine’s front end from lifting off the floor; the machine stays level and promotes consistent quality sanding. You can be assured that this machine will help you get your job done right the first time.

Another reason why this sander has been used for decades is its ergonomics. The machine’s handles are adjustable to different heights. That means experienced mechanics can feel comfortable without worrying about excessive strain on their body. It’s rare that a machine in our industry takes into account fatigue and we all know that the job isn’t over after the floor is sanded. Lack of strain allows mechanics to scrape, buff, stain, and finish their job better.

The Hummel sander is great for use on parquet, patterned wood, soft wood, and many other types of floors. When using a Hummel 8″ belt floor sander you can be sure that no matter what your job is the machine will give you great results. With 5HP and 220V in front of you, you can accomplish what you set out to do without having to worry if you have the right equipment.

The Lagler 8″ belt floor sander is a top seller among other belt floor sanders. It is often considered to be one of the best on the market. Its reputation stems from the years and years of dependability and the reduced repair time that the machine offers. When you use a dependable machine like this one, you have peace of mind knowing that your work will be outstanding in quality.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight on the Lagler Hummel 8″ Floor Sander

  1. russ watts

    Investing wisely in your business is truly one of the most important keys to your prosperity in the wood flooring industry. Being the world’s most asked-for floor sander for many years now, the Hummel has long been considered your best investment in a floor sander, but the reasons for this don’t stop here. From efficiency in sanding to the quality of the job you are doing; from a very long track record of reliability to the availability for OEM replacement parts and ease of serviceability, there is no disputing the Hummel as your wisest investment.

    If you are even mildly considering the purchase of a new Hummel, we would advise you to make yet another wise move: speak with your tax consultant about the very special tax incentives for capital investments that are in place for this year of 2013 – specifically “Section 179 Expensing”. Just a few minutes spent on this topic could very well make a wise investment even wiser, and that is a very good thing for your business. Smart, savvy business people have a knack for recognizing these optimal opportunities to invest and they do not miss out.

    1. Mike Glavin

      Russ your comments are spot on. The Hummel floor sander is a great investment. We see Hummel floor sanding machines in our market that are more than 20 years old and being used every day to help make money for their company. Hummel floor sander are extremely reliable. Our machine repair department love working on Hummels because these machines are very well engineered. Our shop manager reports that the cost to maintain a Hummel is the best of all the machines we service.

      Investing in great equipment is a smart business decision and investing in a Hummel floor sander is one of the smartest things a floor contractor can do.

      Discussing the tax advantages with your accountant is smart. Having the opportunity to take the full expense of your Hummel purchase is a smart business decision.


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