Summer is the Perfect Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors!


If you are in the market to have your hardwood floors refinished this summer, then you might want to consider having it done while you are on vacation. Better yet, use your need for refinishing as an excuse to go on vacation!

Read on below for a few reasons as to why this could be a great option for you and your family.

#1 You’ll be out of the house anyway

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When you get hardwood floors completely refinished you have to move out all of the furniture. Many people who get their floors refinished end up staying in a nearby hotel or a family member’s house. Why not use this opportunity to go on a mini-vacation? If you live near a beach, a theme park resort, or any other attraction you can have a mini-vacation while the hardwood floor installers work on your floors.

#2 It can get loud

Let’s say you need to get your living room floor refinished. You and your family might be able to live around the hardwood floor mechanics while they do their work. However, all the equipment that they use can get quite loud. Instead of making your hearing suffer, you could be on a vacation with your family while the professionals go to work on your floor.

#3 Furniture can’t be moved back immediately

Let’s say you’re getting your family room floor refinished. You move out the couch, tables, throw rug, and an entertainment cabinet. After the floor has been refinished you’ll want to move all that furniture back where it belongs. Not so fast. After hardwood floor finish is applied it goes though several stages. When the finish is dry enough to walk on it’s still not dry enough to move the heavy furniture back. The finish has not cured enough to withstand that sort of pressure. Let’s say you’re on vacation. You could time it so that the vacation lasts long enough that you’ll be able to return to your house move your furniture when you get back.

#4 VOCs and odors

Some types of hardwood floor finish have a strong odor to them. Hardwood floor installers will often wear masks while using these products. You wouldn’t want your children or pets to be exposed to these fumes. Instead of being cooped up in your home with these fumes, you could be at a beach or a in a lake cabin with fresh air.

#5 Dust and debris

While there have been many fantastic innovations in containing the dust that stems from sanding hardwood floors, no dust collection system can contain 100% of the dust produced. Your hardwood floor professional will take care to eventually remove all the dust, but why live with that hassle. Instead of finding dust in the air and on various surfaces, you could be out of your house and let the professionals deal with the clean-up and hassle of dust.

These are just a few reasons to consider taking a vacation while your hardwood floors are refinished. Refinishing your hardwood floors is necessary over time to restore the color and sheen, so why not consider it this summer? If you help finding a reputable and reliable Hardwood Flooring Contractor, click here .

9 thoughts on “Summer is the Perfect Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors!

  1. Kairi Gainsborough

    Getting your hardwood floors refinished while you are out of town is a fantastic idea. My mom is getting ready to put her house on the market, so she has been making improvements where she can. One thing that has to be fixed is the scratched and dented flooring. You mentioned that you have to wait a few days before putting heavy furniture back in place. I should see if my mom wants to go on a weekend trip, so she doesn’t have to be there with the dining room table pushed into another room.

  2. Violette Lebrac

    I want to get my hardwood floors restored, and I like the idea of doing it while my family is on vacation. It’s interesting to know that when the finish on the hardwood floors is dry it still isn’t able to withstand the pressure from furniture. If we were away during the restoration, we wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the new finish with furniture and we could just let the professional take care of it.

  3. Joy Butler

    My parents have been talking about getting their dining room floor refinished next year. I don’t think that they ever would have thought to leave while the work is done (my dad’s a bit of a micromanager). But the point about the strong odor from the finishing chemicals is a huge deal as my mom has asthma and that would really cause her problems. And if they find a great contractor with good reviews, no need to stay home and supervise!

  4. Deb Pearl

    That is a really smart idea to have our hardwood floors refinished while we are on vacation. It is true that we would have to move out all the furniture and stay somewhere else while it is drying. I think it would be smart to do it while we are going somewhere anyway. Thank you for the idea!

    1. Caran Baxter

      We are glad you found this helpful. Moving the furniture would definitely need to happen to sand and finish the floors.
      Staying elsewhere would really depend on the finish system used and how sensitive you might be to the odor while curing.

  5. Gary Puntman

    I’m going on vacation in a month, so it seems like a great opportunity to refinish my floors. I know that when I have my floors refinished I won’t want to be staying in my house. I’m sure it can get really loud for a while, like you said. The dust and the fumes are probably not the best for your health either.

  6. Ellie Davis

    Thank you for suggesting that during the summer you should do your hardwood because you’ll be out of the house anyway. I want to get my hard floors refinished. Hopefully, I can find the best company to do this for me in my area.

  7. Ellie Davis

    Thank you for pointing out that you need to make sure and give the floors a little time until you move your furniture back. My husband is wanting to get our hardwood floors refinished for the holidays. I’ll have to look into finding the best flooring services in my area.


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