The Best Hardwood Floor Options for a Beach Home


One of the toughest parts about installing hardwood floors is ensuring moisture does not negatively impact the performance of a hardwood floor.

That’s why installing hardwood floors at a beach home might be a tricky proposition. However,  you will find that there are options available to install at a beach home.

Arguably the best choice for hardwood floors at a beach home is engineered hardwood floors. Since engineered hardwood floors are manufactured by gluing layers of plywood in a cross grain pattern, they inhibit movement due to moisture fluctuations. This means the engineered hardwood is less prone to create gaps or cupping due to the high moisture environment in an oceanfront house.

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The Shamrock company has many options available under their “environeered” line of hardwood flooring. These floors are manufactured in many different aesthetic styles that will give options to your customer for their beach home.

The Lucerne collection from Century Flooring is another option for engineered hardwood floors. The Lucerne collection comes in a few species. This will also give you and your customers options for hardwood floors that sync up with the design of the beach home.

Using solid hardwood in a beach home is not entirely unheard of. However, it is advisable to use a more dimensionally stable species of wood. Pine and American Cherry are two common species that are on the better end of dimensional stability.

As an added note, it is highly recommended that you take frequent moisture readings during installation at a beach home. It is also recommended to study on the history of the moisture content in the area where the beach home is located. Knowing these figures will help you to get a proper target acclimation percentage.

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